Newbie questions about site

Is it possible to search games within your collection? I cant seem to find it, otherwise I would have to go through pages to find it.


Furthermore, is it not possible to edit your review description within the game page itself? It just sends me to my reviewed games list which would force me to go through pages to find the game itself to edit...

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Owner6 months ago

No search function yet! It's definitely a needed feature though and there have been other recent feedback related to the list page. and I will come up with a solution for it soon, likely next week.

The review section is another one that hasn't gotten much attention since it was first implemented. It's sorely needing more attention and a visual upgrade as well to keep up with all of the updates we've been making on other pages.

Thank you for bringing these up!

Premium User6 months ago

I think it's a good idea.  Sometime today there should be an email going out where we can give site feedback.  This seems like a great candidate.

Supporter6 months ago

Is the man to ask those questions. I think a searchable collection is a great idea. 

6 months ago

Great thoughts!

Supporter6 months ago

This is a great idea! Sounds like the crew is working hard on it!

Premium User6 months ago

If you hover on your account name and select 'profile' and then look for 'games owned' on the left side you can look through them.  THere isn;t much for sorting except A-Z, Z-A, and a coupld other options.

6 months ago

I've done that but it doesnt seem to have a search function which beats having to scroll through my collection.