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So I made some small acquisitions recently... I'm so excited about these! Skulk hollow was more an out of nowhere buy(unusual for me), wasn't even on my wish list but I was looking for a cool, fast 2 player game.  I've played it twice now but haven't gotten a full sense oftof game still, though I did have fun. I was also considering #7 Wonders Duel but couldn't find a copy at the right price

On the other end is too many bones! I've wanted to have it for a while now but was put off by the price and maybe complexity since I have to take into account who I'll be playing with. Finally decided to take leap though. I'll be doing my first playthrough this weekend probably! 

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10 months ago

YES! Another TMB player out there! I am getting my core set early next week in the mail :) 

Supporter10 months ago

Great. Congrats. Hope you have a lot of fun with both. 

10 months ago

Interested on your thoughts on Skulk Hollow. I'm looking at more and more 2 player only games.

Supporter10 months ago

Will do, what other 2 player games have you considered?

Premium User10 months ago

TMB is so awesome. 

Owner10 months ago

Did you get a chance to play either of them yet??? :D

Supporter10 months ago

Sadly no. I've been enjoying reading the rule set slowly and thouroughly though. I want to have a nice grip on the rules since its the most complex game I've played with my partner. Don't wanna be bogged down by checking the rule book too much during play. I'm ready though, so early this week I'll give TMB a first go. Might get a quick game of #Skulk Hollow at some point between playthroughs of TMB.

Supporter10 months ago

finally got around to playing TMB solo and at 2 players! Both sessions where short, mostly as a learning excercise but it was so cool! Still have not scratch the surface of the skill dice on my character. She's a bard of sorts and plays really uniquely from what I can see of the other character included. Every battle is super fun and a puzzle in itself. More thoughts ahead after a few plays.

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