BGA Feature #30 New Front Page


We've simplified the front page of the website and if there's a new user, it shows off all the great features and usefulness of the website better now!

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8 months ago

I like the new front page a lot! Good work, Trent!

Supporter8 months ago

This looks great! 

Supporter8 months ago

I think I like it. I do miss the "historic low" part of the old page.

Owner8 months ago

I kind of do too. I'm considering just adding it as the last part of the page. How often did you end up finding games to buy from there though? I found a lot at first myself, but in the past 6 months really haven't used it much.

Supporter8 months ago

I do kind of miss this also. 

8 months ago

I miss the historic lows also

Supporter8 months ago

I don't know. I've bought from it several times. But, it has sent me down a lot of game specific rabbit holes that were a lot of fun. 

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