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Marketability of themes

Premium User

What themes do you think are the most marketable?

I would have to say that any Disney/Marvel themed game is naturally more marketable to a wider audience than simply hobby gamers. Are there any games you feel like you could get a non-gamer friend to play simply because of the theme?

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Supporter4 months ago

I think a good IP can help. But, I think that good nature themed boardgames can be really helpful for stuff like this. I am thinking of stuff like #Wingspan and #PARKS

4 months ago

yes, nature based stuff seems to draw outsiders in!

Owner4 months ago

For "mass" marketability, I'd look at what a typical Target board game aisle looks like. So definitely Disney/Marvel, popular IP's, and even crude humor seems to always thrive (not for me though..)

I have a question though. Do you think there's a difference between themes that are more marketable to non-gamers vs. gamers?

Premium User4 months ago

That's a good question. I don't know if there's a real difference. For instance a historical war game should theoretically appeal to history buffs regardless of whether they're gamers or not. I guess I was thinking more about the mass maretability like you stated. It's much easier for me to get a non gamer friend to play a game with a popular IP vs a dry euro that just looks boring on the surface.

Owner4 months ago

Like you mention, basically any big IP deal whether it's a movie, video games, or in some cases a book will work. The first thing a board game needs to accomplish is get you to look at it or pull it off the shelf (if you're in a store). Good IP will do that.

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