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So my dad has a decent collection of games he played while in college and later in life, mostly WW2 themed or historical. He still has an interest to play those but mostly time and responsibilities limit him. It's been probably decades since he's bought a new game though and I'd like to gift him one. I'd like for him to get a taste of modern board game design with a theme he enjoys. I definitely share his interest in theme so I'm not a stranger to some of those strategy games having played a few while growing up.
Anyway I'd be interested to see if anyone can offer recommendations based on this. It would be very important for the game to be able to be played solo since apart from me he wouldn't play with anyone else. Some games in his collection are :#Eastern Front,#Panzer Leader or#Panzer Blitz: The Game of Armored Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941-45. There's also another Roman empire themed I can't quite remember the name, I'll edit later. 


Edit:#Conquest of the Empire is the name

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9 months ago

Have you thought about #Pandemic: Fall of Rome  That one has a pretty decent solo capability.  Its probably lighter than the games you mentioned but may fit within his time availability better. 

Supporter9 months ago

He'll probably setup a game and leave it on the table for a few days until he can finish it. I love the theme on this version of pandemic but he probably likes heavier games. 

9 months ago

So a quick google search found this article on BoardGameGeek trying to answer this exact question:  hopefully you can find something useful in there :)  Have a good day.

Supporter9 months ago

The "conflict of heroes" series by academy games is generally well regarded.

You could also look into Castle Itter.

Not sure why I can't tag. I'll try again in a bit. 

Supporter9 months ago

I'll look into them thank you. Castle Itter looks quite interesting with the focus on a very specific battle.

Supporter9 months ago

Hey, my tagging works.

#Castle Itter

#Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! – Russia 1941-42

#Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel

#Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal - The Pacific 1942

I really don't know how much time and effort he is willing to invest in learning and playing these games. But if he were willing to run some sort of AI bot, you could check out the COIN series from GMT. They are generally highly regarded. They include:

#Andean Abyss

#Cuba Libre

#Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection

#Colonial Twilight: The French-Algerian War, 1954-62

#Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar

#Gandhi: The Decolonization of British India, 1917 – 1947

#Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain

#Fire in the Lake

And, I have a feeling I am missing several.

Supporter9 months ago

I did end up getting #Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar btw! He was really excited about it.

Supporter9 months ago

Awesome let us know how it works out. 

Supporter9 months ago

Thank you! I think the short list will be #Castle Itter, #Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain or #Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar. Tough choices. 

Supporter9 months ago

Hope you discover the right one. 

9 months ago

I haven't played it personally but #UBOOT: The Board Game has some really cool looking things going on and I believe it can be played solo or multiplayer cooperative. It is app driven so he would have to be a least a little smartphone comfortable.

Supporter9 months ago

oh wow the production on that game lol. He may not be too keen on apps but i might heh.

9 months ago

Yeah, it's pretty nuts, but it looks like it could be incredibly cool

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