Hostage Negotiator: Career – Final Expansion to the Award Winning Solo Game!


Hostage Negotiator is a solo board game franchise dating back to 2014. Over 1100 backers have supported the original campaign and now we can witness the final expansion called “Career”. And I have to admit: it looks really, really good!

Freeing Hostages

Hostage Negotiator lets players become specialists tasked with freeing people from the clutches of various criminals. If you’ve seen “The Negotiator” (1998) with Samuel L. Jackson, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you haven’t – hurry up and catch up 

The mechanics are simple and based on cards and dice, although the game has many smaller rules that you have to keep in mind. Gameplay consists of a number of rounds, each divided into 3 phases: conversation (playing cards), spend (buying new cards, that increase your abilities) and terror (actions of the criminal). The difficulty is quite high, and the randomness may hurt you, but with a task as hard as negotiating with maniacs, desperates and panicked criminals – it makes a lot of sense.

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