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Advantages of solo board games over video games.


Many, when they think of solo gaming, ask the question, "why play a solo boardgame when you can just play a video game." This is a good question. And, while this post won't profess to convert anyone to physical from video for solo gaming, I do wish offer a few points in which the physical board games do have advantages over their virtual counterparts.

a) Tactility. In todays world, surrounded by screens, we sometimes need to play with something physical. I am doing a lot of computer work in the last several days, and when I am doing something like that my desire for the physical rises. Movies, video games, and that ilk really don't interest me when I have been spending too much time on screens already. But, in physical games, you, as get to play with toys, this is so so nice.

b) Video games and physical games aren't the same. The change of the medium does change the experience. The fact that they are both games doesn't mean that they have meaninful connections in terms of how they feel. Of course, if you prefer the feeling you get from video games, that is fine. And, they do have things to offer that board games can't. But, the opposite is true as well. Physical games do offer things that video games, or even electronic board game adaptations, can't offer as well.

c) Physical games offer more flexiblity. I know it is easier to pause a video game. But, physical games let you really ramp the difficulty up or down. You can houserule it if you want to. You can change the win conditions. You can make it the game that you want it to be. And, you can take as long on your turn as you want and think about it as long as you want. The flow is completely controlled by you, without the input from the video game.

What, do you think are some other reasons that you may wish to play in a physical versus a virtual space?

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Supporter5 months ago

F) Board games stretch your brain in different directions simultaneously. A video game keeps track of lots of different things but often it's up to the player to manage lots of different variables in solo board gaming.  You need to consider your own position but also manage the AI or run the dummy player or whichever.  For me, this is an extra joy. 

G) Board games offer a quiet, reflective space to be on your own without all the noise of today's world. Sometimes just mentally escaping into a board game is exactly what your body needs. 

Premium User5 months ago

d) The WAY you think changes from video game to board games.  Even with a strategic video game there's a good deal of eye hand coordination that gets background tasked until you are really only considering a few options.  One could argue that a boardgame is similar, but I would counter that there is some more basic processing that has to go on if you choose to do it well.  Processing that doesn't happen in a video game.

e) Playing different boardgames stretches and works the brain and could play a role in preventing dementia if the games are varied in style enough to create dissonance.  Video games are less likely to play the same role. (I would call this sciency opinion).

Supporter5 months ago

Thanks, these are great. 

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