Root: Battle Report (Civil Strife)


#Root has been hot with my gaming group lately and I'm really glad because it's my favorite game.  One of the things I love is how each game tells it's own unique story and how it seems like each game a new player wins... and not because of some attack the previous winner strategy which I know some people use as a critique for the game.

The Factions: This was a 4 player game.  The Woodland Alliance, The Underground Duchy, The Corvid Conspiracy, and The Eyrie (this was me).

The Story: I will start off by saying that the player who played the Corvid had only played once before and as the Vagabond in a base game play.  I did suggest they use someone else since the Corvid is tricky, but the player loved the theme so we went for it.  However, this lead to an Avian Civil War from the get go.  The Corvid seeing the size of the starting army for the Eyrie went right to them.  Because the Duchy were more spread out he was hyper focused on me.  This caused strife between the birds from the start and gave a huge opening to the WA since the Corvid stopped the Eyrie from policing the board.  While it seemed to work well at first this slowed the Corvid down as well.  This in fighting among the birds became their downfall.  

Meanwhile the WA came out to a roaring start and much of the Eyries decree and other factions attack actions went to trying to slow them down, which only caused them to speed up.  However, all this fighting allowed for a sneak underground dynasty to rise up out of nowhere.  With 4 turns left it looked like the WA was poised to bring a revolution to the Woodland.  But with the focus being mostly on the WA the Underground Duchy was sneaking around getting ready to take the Woodland from below.

On the final turn the WA was able to get to 29 points, but the Duchy overtook them to win.  Final score, Duchy 30, WA 29, Eyrie 17 (I made a huge mistake after my first turmoil), Corvid 12.

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2 months ago

Nice report!

I haven't got to play as the Corvids... My youngest son keeps taking them, but hasn't quite figured them out yet. :)

Supporter2 months ago

That's awesome.  I'm trying to instill Board Games in my kids (although my oldest right now is only 8).  But she has played Root with me 3 times.  Two times as the Marquise and once as the Eyrie (we played together against some bots).  I am very impressed with her understanding of the game and hope she grows to love games as she gets older.  

Gotta build that in home gaming group.

Premium User2 months ago

Wow, playing Root at 8 years old seems impressive to me!

Supporter2 months ago

Her first game was when she was 7, which was really cool.  We played thie other day too.  One thing that helps although changes the overall strategy is that we haven't introduced crafting yet.

This has been key in teaching games.  Finding things that you can probably play without a few times and then add them too the game slowly.  I'm hoping to explain and introduce crafting next play.  I also plan on running a bot so it's not just 1 v 1.

Premium User2 months ago


2 months ago


We started playing games with my oldest when she was 4. She went through a "too cool" phase for a while where she wouldn't play with us, but over the past year, she's come back to the fold.

The boys have always been on board. I think our oldest boy learned to read from playing #DC Comics Deck-Building Game. :)

Supporter2 months ago

Awesome.  We have the added benefit of being close friends with a lot of parents from her class so we do a lot of family game nights with other families/kids so I'm hoping that'll help it become a norm for her.

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