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Came across this potential gem!!

Premium User

I was purusing Kickstarter last night and ran into #Aqua Garden.  I saw that the game was inspired by #Heaven & Ale which piqued my interest even more!

Watching the short tutorial and seeing the nice game pieces I was hooked!  This looks like a game my whole family might play and I think they would be able to handle the complex point salad ssystem but even if not, I think the fun of playing might be just good enough.

I decided to back this one as it was only about $45 and given the optic quality that seems worthwhile.  So here's to rolling the dice on a game at the end of 2020 that I'll hopefully get to play around the summer of 2021 :)

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Premium User2 months ago

Thanks for sharing ! I don't think I'll back it, but it looks pretty!

2 months ago

Well, it has been a while since "I've seen something I have never seen before" and this fits that category alright :D

Supporter2 months ago

It is a pretty one. I think I will pass on it this time, but thanks for posting it, it was one I hadn't heard of.

2 months ago

I love the artwork in this!  I'm gonna have to check it out more in depth.  Thanks for posting! 

2 months ago

omg the whale shark meeple 😍

2 months ago

That was my instant reaction.  I have no idea what the game is about but augh cute fishies I want I want lol

2 months ago

All the meeples are so cute and precious!! 🥺

2 months ago

No kidding, those meeples look amazing!

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