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This is an automated weekly post to talk about the game recommendations. Describe the type of game you're looking for, a little bit of what you like, or give recommendations to others.

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5 months ago

Having now finally played it (and I may be biased as I have wanted to play it for ages) I can fully recommend #878: Vikings - Invasions of England if anyone was thinking of getting it. It is so much fun, with plenty of strategy and dice rolling all bundled up together. Have only payed it 2P which was great fun (and my partner who usually isn't so into more war-esque games loved it) but think 4P will be where it really shines

Supporter5 months ago

I'm so glad you got to play it. Were you finally able to find a affordable copy? Or were you playing online or something? 

5 months ago

I got a good deal on a second hand copy, I was very excited :D

Supporter5 months ago

So glad to hear that.