Game of the Week (Gloomhaven)

Let's talk about #Gloomhaven! Do you like it, own it, play it all the time, dislike, best strategies, or anything related to it?

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9 hours ago

I've completed 2 campaigns of Gloomhaven.  One solo and one four-player campaign.  All told I spent a little over 200 hours playing Gloomhaven over a 13 month period.  Suffice to say I really liked the game for a lot of the same reasons that   As a group we did start to suffer a little bit of Gloomhaven fatigue towards the end of the experience but its still some of my favorite and best memories.  We backed frosthaven and have gone all in (one of the guys bought the fortune teller app the other week to add to the experience).  Though I don't see us backing the mini expansion coming next year.  I actually enjoy the standees.

If you're going to do Gloomhaven then I would highly recommend a number of apps to help make the experience better.

1. Gloomhaven Helper - This is helpful for tracking the actual gameplay and showing all monster hit points, any active elements, etc.  I installed it on my computer and then shared it via a TV monitor so the entire table could see all of the info easily. 

2. Gloomhaven Campaign Tracker - Allows you to have multiple campaigns going at once and track everything easily.  Tracks party information, city and road event decks, market items, etc.  Was super nice as I could screenshot updates to people during the week and take care of upgrades, purchases, road/city events prior to sitting down to play on our game nights.  This also meant that we were discussing Gloomhaven 3 - 4 days a week through the group chat.

3. Gloomhaven Scenario Viewer - Allows you to see the scenario info as you need it.  So if you don't want an idea of what's hiding in the next room you can use this app to do that.  I also would screenshot the intro and the general layout to the group prior so we could discuss high level strategy before we sat at the table.

Like it: Yup
Own it: Yup
Play it all the time: Did, but not lately and will probably need one or both of my boys to want to play it with me to get it back to the table. 
Dislikes: The setup time could be a bit much, but I bought some plastic organizers for the monster standee's and had an accordian file to store the map tiles.  Using the Helper app helped to save about 5 - 10 min of set up I would think.  Overall, I found I could set up a scenario for the 4 player campaign in about 15 min, which included all of the player set up stuff other than deck construction as that I left to the players.
Best strategies: R0land already covered a bunch of the popular ones.  The only other one I would say is that for enemies with low hit points but high armour, retaliation is your friend as that isn't blocked.  If you can shield up and retailate for 2 -4 damage that is a pretty awesome combo.   Lean into what makes each character fun for you to play.  I've seen the same character played in dramatically different ways but both people had fun playing the character cause they played it the way they wanted to play it.

Premium User2 days ago

I've played through a campaign of Gloomhaven.  Initially with a group of people but when people got tired of it after about 20 games I did another 20 or so two handed solo.  

The game does a lot of good things to add flavour with the world map, road and city events, along with all of the various unlocks you can get.

That said, if the actual core game wasn't very good the rest wouldn't matter.  But it is, in fact, very good. 

The selecting two cards and then picking the top of one and the bottom of the other to execute is a brilliant source of thinkiness.  Do you pick the perfect combo but if the monsters move before you it becomes not very useful?  Or do you pick a less perfect combo that has more flexibility?

And cards are also your stamina.  You can lose a card for a very powerful effect but everytime you pickup your cards you have the one fewer.  Eventually you will be exhausted as you run out of cards so losing cards earlier can be dangerous but if you can make it very impactful it can be worth it.

I just love the game for the game but all of the other bits and pieces around it makes it a hugely ambitious game that for the most part really pulls it off. 

  1. Do you like it?  Yup!  Top 5 game for me.
  2. Own it?  Yes
  3. Play it all the time?  Not right now.  I'm done after 40 or so games but I am looking forward to Frosthaven.
  4. Dislike?  It takes a long time to setup a game.
  5. Best Strategies?  Play a powerful slow card combo and put yourself in a vulnerable position but have a fast combo so you can get out of the way in time.  Or go to a doorway, turn invisible, and block all of the monsters as you pick a very slow card (or rest) that turn.
  6. Anything else?  It's a commitment but well worth it, especially if you can get other people to commit to it with you!

2 days ago

I don't own it and wouldn't play the board game. Mostly as it's not my genre (fantasy dungeon-crawling), though I do recognise how mechanically it's a very different beast (oops) to the dice-chucking norm, and how it can be seen as a more thinky dungeon-crawler.

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