July’s Upcoming KS Board Games (Part 2)

Time to continue the previews from last week with a fresh batch! This time we’ll tell you about 3 projects – some starting tomorrow and some launching next week.

Dice Hospital: Community Care – July 9th

“Dice Hospital”’s title already tells a lot about what to expect from the game. Inspiration from the all-time classic Theme Hospital video game is visible, although it feels slightly less absurd with its sense of humor.

Worker and dice placement are the key mechanics here. Dice results can be altered – introducing an element of dice manipulation. Players place nurses on their hospital’s mini board, fill ambulances with dice to determine who’s the first player, unload patients and bring them to specific wards. Next: they work on improving the health of all patients with the help of specialist doctors.

The “Community Care” expansion will actually consist of 3 modular expansions – all coming in one box. The City Expansion adds city tiles, and a dash of realism to the ambulance mechanics, as now you have to collect patients on your own by driving around town. The Maternity Expansion adds mother and baby dice to the pool as well as new mechanics related to player objectives. The Improvements Expansion increases replayability and customisation by adding a new worker placement board to the game.

The creators promise many stretch goals and surprises like the helicopter mini, that will replace the punch board 1st player token. 

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