Plan B Games of Azul and Century Acquired by Asmodee


Here's yet another acquisition by Asmodee. Plan B Games and subsidiary studios Next Move Games, Pretzel Games, and Eggertspiele are known for games such as #Azul, #Century: Golem Edition, #Great Western Trail, and numerous other popular titles.

What if Asmodee ends up reaching out to us in the future? 😜

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Premium User56 days ago

If they reach out to you in the future...keep getting them checks ! LOL

Premium User56 days ago

It's hard to blame the owners of these publishers. I'm sure Asmodee is putting some pretty big checks in front of them, and in an industry that reportedly has small margins, that's got to be quite alluring. It's concerning though, considering the negative public opinion that has formed around Asmodee in recent times, especially around their recent replacement policy. A lot of small publishers put a lot of focus and energy in customer service, and Asmodee clearly moved that down the priorities list.

On the other hand, having a big business behind these great games hopefully means lower prices (because economy of scale), as well as better supply chains, so I'd hope that stock issues would be less prevalent for Asmodee-owned games.

Owner56 days ago

I agree, running a board game business isn't exactly a life of luxury and easy money so I think many publishers would have a hard time saying no. I wonder who are some other publishers they're eyeing on at the moment.

Premium User56 days ago

I would think that, at this point, any publisher that has some sort of track record is someone they've at least considered. I gotta think they've talked to Stonemaier, considering their level of sales and influence in the business. I'd be surprised to see that happen, though, since Stonemaier are able to have several full-time employees, and it seems like they enjoy the autonomy. Same for Leder Games.

55 days ago

I don't like watching Asmodee buy up everyone else. As a general principle I'd rather have a bunch of small guys doing the work than a giant monopoly. Variety is a good thing in this instance.

Partner56 days ago

On another note, IELLO USA is happy to report that we are still own by IELLO France and there are no plan of changes for the near future.

Supporter56 days ago

Isn't Plan B games the same crew that owned Plaid Hat games (bought by asmodee a few years back?). If so, then a model of starting great boardgame brands and selling to Asmodee doesn't seem to be such a bad model for them haha!

Owner56 days ago

It's... complicated but I think you're thinking of F2Z Entertainment?

  1. F2Z Entertainment owned Z-Man Games, Filosofia Editions, Pretzel Games, and Plaid Hat Games
  2. Asmodee eventually acquired F2Z Entertainment
  3. Former president of F2Z Entertainment started Plan B Games
  4. Pretzel Games went to Plan B and no longer under F2Z Entertainment
  5. Asmodee acquires Plan B Games

Edit: Looks like the "winner" here is the former head of F2Z/head of Plan B

Supporter56 days ago

Ah! Thanks for the info. It's definitely complicated ha!

Owner56 days ago

You're welcome! It's amazing that Sophie Gravel (CEO of Plan B) managed to sell off two companies in a row lol. With skills like that, she would have been a great asset to keep for the team I'd imagine.

Supporter56 days ago

This news makes me sad. I don't like see conglomerates taking over in any field that I am interested in.

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