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We review the legacy city building game My City. 

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Supporter7 months ago

This is a very cool looking game!

Premium User7 months ago

I'm generally not a fan of legacy type games because I don't like the one and done permanence aspect of them. That being said, I've heard a number of good things about My City and am very interested in it...

Partner7 months ago

FWIW, the game does have a way to play it non-legacy mode. 

Premium User7 months ago

I've heard..what are your thoughts on playing that way?

Partner7 months ago

I actually haven't tried it that way. I've only played about half the campaign (I didn't write the review myself). But you can read the rules for it in the rulebook if you want to check it out 

Supporter8 months ago

I feel like I should maybe pick this up to play with my wife.

Premium User7 months ago

I'm with you there! The more I hear about this game the more interested I become.

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