How is Shobu?


Has anyone played Shobu before? It's a game that immediately caught my eyes since I used to play Go a lot as a kid. It gives off an elegant vibe and I have a feeling I'll like it since I love strategy, the components look satisfying to play with, and seems like a quick play.

For those who like abstracts, see Ben's post here from a few days ago!

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Premium User19 months ago

For those who have an Android device, you can try the game with this app:

Supporter19 months ago

Awesome. I'll need to take a look. 

Owner19 months ago

Sweet! Will check it out.

20 months ago

It seems like a hyper simple rules yet hyper complex strategy game. I’m honestly tempted to just make a version of it!

Owner19 months ago

True, very minimal game to try and recreate haha

Supporter20 months ago

I haven't played it yet. But I know some guys who love it. 

Owner19 months ago

Definitely not for everyone I would think. I wonder how my wife would like it
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