What is your unpopular board game opinion?

New topic for discussion - What is your board game unpopular opinion?

I saw the polls for Who will win the Spiel des Jahres and Who will win the Kennerspiel des Jahres and it got me thinking about this prompt because I have the popular opinion that Robin Hood is going to win the Spiel, but I digress.

One unpopular opinion, that also makes me very unpopular, is that you need to play unscroupulously dedicated to the rules. Even veering one little bit, like chaning phases before something else is suppose to happen, will destroy everything and make play pointless. #Monopoly people do not like me.

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15 days ago

My unpopular opinion is that Settlers of Catan (#Catan) still holds up today as a fantastic game. I see all these critics throwing shade on it because "it came out 20 years and better games have come out since."

I am not arguing great games have come out since, but they are not better games, just different games. It may not win the Spiel des Jahares today because the field is so much wider but that doesn't change that it itself is a fantastic game. 

It has trading, all players are in on every turn, every game is different, it has a little engine building, a little route building / area control and many paths to victory. Even though there are more options and ways to spend your time today, this is still satisfyingly one of them.


Supporter15 days ago

I agree that Catan is a great game. I still think it is a one of the best, if not the best, introductory game. And, I still like it today.

15 days ago

Username checks out. ;)

I agree that it gets too much flak. It has its problems with randomness (I'm half-way through the second consecutive game where my 7 year old has been screwed over by seemingly good positions of settlements with 8s or 6s that barely seem to turn up all game) but a lot of good aspects are there, even if other games may have improved on them in the intervening years.

My main problem with it is that I bought the game in 1997 and my university RPG club then promptly played it multiple times every week for months on end, so I got a bit sick of it. Even now, my children ask to play it and I instinctively try to divert them to something else.

15 days ago

Sleeves on everything!!

Premium User15 days ago

I've only sleeved #Dominion and #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game simply because of the amount you have to shuffle the cards. I don't really see the benefit otherwise. Of course I say this now and will undoubtedly have a card ruined somewhere and wonder why I didn't sleeve them lol.

14 days ago

The amount of times I have yelled "DON'T RIFFLE SHUFFLE THE DOMINION CARDS" oh boy, maybe sleeves are the answer.

Supporter14 days ago

Is sleeving unpopular?  Anyway, I agree it's unpopular to me.  You'll never get me to sleeve my cards...

15 days ago

I use sleeves on a lot of my games. It's sort of tricky to stop once you start down that route, in some ways. I started with some games that are hard to replace, and then added in deckbuilders, and then it spiralled from there.

I do it to protect the games as they're regularly played with children, which is a bit ironic as it also makes it harder for them to learn how to shuffle the cards (as it makes them too big for their hands).

Premium User15 days ago

I confess that I have become a "sleeve everything" person. These games are pretty pricey...spending an extra $5 to make sure they stay in peak condition as long as possible is worth it to me. Of course, I usually only do that after I've decided it's a game I want to keep around.

15 days ago

I recently met and played some games with some neighbors (the pandemic delayed this by a year) and they card everything, even offering me free sleeves to put on my new game we had just played.  I haven't played a game with sleeved cards yet so haven't decided if sleeves are for me or not.  Two weeks later, one of out FLGS had a ton of sleeves on clearance for $1. I didn't buy any (don't know what sized I'd need), but I did text my neighbor about them. 

Premium User15 days ago

Nice! If you start, I like sleeveyourgames.com to find sizes. There's also a gigantic geeklist somewhere on BGG with sizes for games.

15 days ago

Thanks!  That's great to know.  I've looked at some posts and videos about why/why not, but what I keep coming back to is the cost and effective shuffling.

Premium User15 days ago

Shuffling is easier with sleeves, since you can "mash shuffle." You just push 2 stacks of cards together - boom, shuffled (after you do it a few times, of course).

Supporter15 days ago

Oh my, I love this question.

I have several unpopular opinions:

  • Point salad eurogames are pointless.
  • By and large, older eurogames are better than newer ones.
  • The Spiel des Jahres has become nearly meaningless for modern gamers.

15 days ago

I just look at the nominees and recommendations for the various categories, research the games, then decide if I'll add one to my wish list.  Have I bought a few since 2018 when I started to look more into games, yes, but not always the ones that win.  I still would like to look back at the 40+ years of nominees as a starting point to find games I might like to play/buy.

13 days ago

Point salad games literally have so many points.

Supporter13 days ago

Lol, I was hoping that somebody would call me out on that. 

Premium User15 days ago

Agree with here that I don't think these are unpopular. I certainly won't be fighting you on the point salad comment lol, but I don't know if I agree they're pointless. Of course I'm slightly biased having #The Castles of Burgundy in my top 3.

I've probably gotten rid of more Spiel winners (and losers) than I've kept. #Just One got totally ruined for me so I'd say #Azul was the last great winner. As for the Kennerspiel, I own at least one of the nominated games from almost every year it's been awarded (nothing from 2011 or 2013).

13 days ago

What ruined Just One for you?

Premium User13 days ago

I think a combination of Sarah's family not enjoying it as much as we expected them too and my mom's blatant cheating just made it obnoxious lol. Neither are the game's fault though.

Partner15 days ago

I do not know how too unpopular those are. They all seem spot on! Though people, including Stefan Feld, may fight you over that Point Salad comment.

You are especially right about the Spiel des Jahres. No offense to 2019's winner #Just One, which I absolutely love, but best board game of the year? and #Llama was a runner up, which is a fine game but there is nothing to it. And then last year was #Pictures which is smart but such an obscure choice. It is all about the Kennerspiel now!


13 days ago

  • Spiel des jahres feels like it is geting too "commercial" every year
  • Point salad games only give you an idea you've how well you are doing at the end of the game
  • "Social deduction game" is synonym to "part game" in my head
  • I'm so fed up with Lovecraftian stuff and zombies.
  • Kickstarter is about mini's

Premium User15 days ago

I am not sure what is popular and unpopular.  I just figure everyone is a little 'off' if they don't agree with me and that, by nature, is an unpopular opinion.

I tend to agree with that the current award are relatively meaningless.  I watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuAUiWqMYi8 the other night and am not sure I agree with most of the choices.  Some seemed outrageous to me which is likely to be an unpopular opinion...maybe.

After finally getting #On Mars to the table with other players, I tend to disagree with the unpopular opinions on it being too complicated and finicky.  I bought into this a bit until playing the game myself and loved it.  One of our players though, felt the same as the 'popular' opinion after playing...so maybe in the end there is just too much subjectivety to judge.

Not sure if this would be popular or not, but if it was up to me, I'd use the folks on BGG and let their votes count toward the year end 'games of the year'.  Categories are determined.  Anyone who wants can nominate 10 games for consideration for eaech category.  Among the games selected, a scond tier vote determines the final 10 options for each category.  Then 5.  Then 3 and everyone sorts their final three and the winner is determined from there.

12 days ago

I agree, I really love #On Mars which I had heard was too fiddly for it's own good, but man, it's just right for me and my game group!


Comment deleted.

15 days ago

I like luck in games. 

I do not really care for balance.

I am very willing to use house rules as long as all players agree and we feel they improve the game.

I dislike party games, exit games and abstract games.

Rule exceptions != theme