The best theme IMO is animal theme.

New week, new challenge. 

So i thought about this for all of 3 seconds and i knew my answer was "animal" themed. 

Looking at Animals makes me happy, playing board games make me happy, playing animal themed board games makes me happiest. To aid discussion I'm gonna quickly talk about my top 4 animal themed board games, in order from least to most favourite (i love all these games).  

4; #Root . This is listed as my least favourite for one simple reason, i havent played it with other people. I dont consider myself a "collector" and i prefer to own games i will actually play, however the art and style of Root just did something to my brain and i could not control myself. I own #Root, #Root: The Riverfolk Expansion, #Root: The Underworld Expansion #Root: The Vagabond Pack and  #Root: The Exiles and Partisans Deck and i have only every played solo. I blame Kyle Ferrin for the current state of my bank account but his art is just top notch. Anyone in the hamilton/niagara area wants to play after the pandemic, send me a message, i need to get these things to the table. 

3; #Wingspan One day im going to write up a review of how i think this game is the perfect centre line for board gamers. The Andy Dalton line for NFL fans, the Vicky Mendoza line for HIMYM fans. I dont want to say more without giving it all away, but the simple version is that this game is the centre point between Gamer Games and Family Games, and i really enjoy it. Actually thats pretty much my whole point... nevermind.

2 #Barenpark ho-boy, this game is slick. just so tight and simple and fun. Its perfect to throw down on a rainy day in and its a joy to play with family or as a filler on a gmae day. It is the first polyomino game i've played, so that may effect my opinion but i find it scales well and works in all types of group (which is a thing for almost all the games i love)

1 #Everdell this is my current favourite game. Its worker placement, tableau building and hand management wrapped in an economic engine builder, and the theme flows through the entire production. The art is incredible, the board is beautiful and the pieces are all top quality. I know the tree gets beat up online for being useless and in the way, but i would argue that, that is really only true in a 4 player game, in which case, you can move it to the corner of the table and the problem is solved. It adds to the joy and immersion so quit being a wet blanket and learn to love the tree.  


So theres my list, let me know, if I am a noob fool who needs to get on the Sci-Fi Cowboys from Colonial England craze? or do you also love the cute and fuzzies?

Bonus question; For anyone who's played all of these, where would #The Isle of Cats fit in for you? I've never played it but im certainly interested.

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Supporter15 months ago

+1 for #Root (my favorite game).  I also really enjoy animal theme in general.  It makes me think of the Redwall books (especially Root) which is really fun for me.

Owner15 months ago

I'm with you there, I really like animal themes too but just don't have them. The only ones I have are #Root and somewhat #Skulk Hollow. Then again, I have #Clans of Caledonia and I love getting to place cows and sheep onto the pasture.

I used to have Barenpark on my wishlist because I wanted a great polyomimno game but Isle of Cats took over that spot. Not sure when I'll pull the trigger though. The new Uwe game, #New York Zoo, got my interest at first but it seemed a bit lighter than what I'd prefer so I never looked into it further.

Premium User15 months ago

I 100% agree! A couple of my favorite games are #Oceans, #Evolution: Climate, and #Everdell. I love the tree too, haha. 

We also own and enjoy Wingspan and Isle of Cats! I haven't played Barenpark, but that and Isle of Cats are both animal themed polyomino games, so my initial inclination would be to say that you probably don't need both. I really like Isle of Cats though. The theme and art are really cute, and the gameplay is very engaging. So far I've only played at 2 players but I'd love to try it at a higher count as well.

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