Karuba Review (+/- Review)

Hello fellow gamers, 

I typically enjoy heavy, crunchy games like #Gaia Project or #Brass: Birmingham, but #Karuba really speaks to me with its simplicity but also the puzzle it creates. I have played it about 7 times in a week span because it is so addicting!

The game is simple, you are adventurers trying to get to their matching temples by creating paths in the jungle. You can pick up jewels along the way too! Mechanically, it is like bingo. One player has their tiles all face down and draws one off the top, then calls out the number and all players find that tile and have a decision to make. Do you place it in your jungle to add to the path, or do you discard it and move your adventurer a certain amount of spaces based on the amount of exits on the tile. Do you use the super helpful 4 exit tile to expand or move your adventurer 4 spaces! 

Here are my Pluses and Minuses!

+ Very easy to teach and pick up (my wife and I read straight from the rule book at a game cafe to learn this)

+ Fun theme and fun components. 

+ It is a fun puzzle to figure out and very satisfying to make an efficient path, but also super frustrating when you cut off that yellow explorer for the 3rd game in a row...

+Very easy to play multiple games in a row!! It is very addicting. Love a good race!

+/- It is very easy to just copy the other players moves since you have the same adventurer and temple locations while also drawing the same tiles...but if you play with honest gamers that is not a problem!

- It can get a little samey after a while...which is why my wife and I have been doing blind and random placement of the adventurers and temples to mix it up!

- You can know early on if you are going to win or lose, not super bad since it is a shorter game but it still is not fun. 

I do encourage looking into this game as a lighter very accessible game that can be a light challenge but also a great time!

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Supporter6 months ago

It looks like a great beer and pretzels game. 

6 months ago

Oh it totally is , nothing too complex. My first time playing it was basically at a bar lol. 

Supporter6 months ago

There you go.. Lol

6 months ago

No pretzels unfortunately...

Owner6 months ago

I always enjoy these first impressions posts (especially when it comes with a picture)! I've heard Karuba mentioned a few times before but it's my first time hearing what it's about. Even your first sentence was enough to give me an idea of the gameplay. I love tile laying games but I still don't own one. And I definitely like the overall presentation and the components too.

How do you win this game by the way?

6 months ago

I always forget to mention that in my teaches...now I forget it in a post...

You score points by getting your adventurers to the temples! The first to a specific color gets a higher point total and the next gets smaller and smaller. In a four player game it is 5 points for first, then 4,3, and 2. You also score points by collecting gems!

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