Multiplayer Solitaire

A catergory of game I am much more familiar with than pure solo. Multiplayer Solitaire refers to games where there is almost no interaction between players so while you are competeing to (usually) have the highest score playing on your own would produce a very similar experience.

This provides a few key advantages and disadvantages:

  • There is no 'take that' in these games, so no one can come away feeling targetted and those who don't enjoy that aspect of games can enjoy themselves
  • However, this does limit the amount that players communicate with each other or are necessarily invested in what anyone else is doing.
  • That said, if there is a new or inexperienced player, a more experienced player can help them out without any concerns about bias. The advice will be neutral and will hopefully help the new player feel more at ease.
  • They are often more puzzley in nature as you are all just trying to crack a problem individually (this will be good/bad depending on what you like or what you are in the mood for).

Some notable games I have played that come under this catergory:

#Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition - Most roll and write's/flip and write games tend to be fairly solitaire. Railroad ink is the one I have played the most, it is a very nice filler game. One of the major pors of this game is that there is literally no limit to how many people can play simultaneously. You just roll the dice and everyone uses those pieces to build their network, it is simultaneous and tends to be a pretty relaxing atmosphere as you all just puzzle away.

#Paladins of the West Kingdom - I really like the west kingdom series, and while #Architects of the West Kingdom is my favourite I really enjoyed playing Paladins. While there is a very small amount of interaction in that there is a shared market you buy from and at th start of the round you are drafting workers, in reality these are fairly small aspects of the game. This game is a real brain burner as it has multiple interlocking systems that must be managed, goals that are revealed as the game goes on and so many differnt routes to score. While I found the silence that was around the table a little off-putting, as a puzzle it was a joy. If I owned it I would be tempted to make it a game I try solo.

#Oh My Goods! - this is a great little engine builder of a game. It is entirely solitaire play, but as the game tends to be over fairly quickly that is no bad thing. You are each constructing buildings which convert the base resources (revealed randomly and in your hand) into products, these can then be taken further up the production chain into ever more valuable products (if you can get the right buildings). You get some really enjoyably efficient systems and you are all engaged as the shared resources are played out. The multi-use cards are clever although we found at higher player counts there was a risk that you run out as they get locked up in people's production chains.

How do you guys compare the atomsphere of playing truly solo vs playing multi-player solitaire games with other people?


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Supporter3 months ago

So, key question, Do you like multiplayer solitaire?

3 months ago

Hmmm, it's not my favourite type of game but sometimes if I am in the right mood to just smash my brain against a puzzle then they can be fun. I think because of that I tend to prefer the heavier games, such as #Paladins of the West Kingdom as for light filler games I always want good player interaction.

Supporter3 months ago


3 months ago

What about for you?

Supporter3 months ago

Not a huge fan. It can be fun though. I think I might prefer midweight games if I am playing multiplayer solitaire. It does allow for more pleasant chitchat around the group.

3 months ago

Makes sense


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