Ausonia: An Innovative Deck-Builder Now On Kickstarter

The Great Houses of Italy are competing for power. Political rivalries are everywhere, and your enemies are willing to sacrifice anything for reputation, land, wealth, or new technologies. The goal of Ausonia is to accumulate influence to win the game. 

Ausonia is a deck-builder set in the Shardhunters universe. It introduces an innovative resource system where resources are used for acquiring new cards and for using the abilities of cards you already own. The raise mechanic also provides a way to use your weaker cards to your advantage.

You can get Ausonia with all relevant stretch goals for only ₤19 (~$24 USD). For ₤30 (about $38 USD) you can get the base game with one of the expansions, or go all-in with the base game, both expansions, all unlocked stretch goals, and the Collector's Box for ₤39 (about $50 USD). 

Check out the campaign before it ends on Thursday, May 14, 2020.

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About Ausonia

Ausonia is a deck-builder for 1 to 4 players. All players begin with a 12-card Starter Deck. 

Throughout the game, players can cull weaker cards and gain more powerful cards from the Favour or Power Deck.

Magical gems are used as a resource, both for taking new cards and for activating cards you already own. 

Cards can be paired to make persistent resources, allowing players to grow in wealth and in value at the same time. 

Ausonia offers a solo play mode, and a Solo Campaign Mode is one of the stretch goals. 


Two expansions are also available during this campaign, Remnants of War and Masters of Shadow.

In Masters of Shadow the base game is extended with Leader Cards, new Favour Cards and Mission Cards to seize powerful Artifacts.    

In Remnants of War the base game is enhanced by 3 new Guilds, and Defense, Infiltration and Event cards. 

The Collectors Box

Those who pledge at the Master Tier and get the base game with both expansions will receive the Collectors Box. 

The box is big enough to hold sleeved cards and also contains cardboard separators. 

More on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter page has information on a referral program which allows backers to earn a free copy of the game, or even a free playmat. The playmat is also available as an add-on.

The Guild Master Tier will get you three copies of the Collectors Box with the base game, stretch goals, and both expansions for ₤100, about $126 USD.

There are great videos and stretch goals, plus a link to the rulebook, so be sure to check out the campaign before it ends on Thursday, May 14, 2020.

See the Kickstarter

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Supporter33 months ago

I love the theme and I've always wanted to add a deck builder to my collection.

Partner33 months ago

If you can share the 3-pack, that seems like the best deal.

Moderator Level 133 months ago

Looks interesting... would try for sure

Supporter33 months ago

Seems interesting and decently reasonably priced. It always makes me nervous when a game launches  with expansions though. 

Partner33 months ago

Kickstarters (almost) always have this and that add-ons and extras; I like seeing expansions like this that seem like they won't be KS-exclusive. I get a good sense of what is what. 

Supporter33 months ago

Yup. Add-ons and expansions before the game is even released are some of the main reasons I despise Kickstarter. 

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