GenCon 2019 – 3 Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games

GenCon 2019 is finally over. Thousands of attendees, hundreds of new games, demos and surprises. Today we’ll talk about 3 new titles announced or heavily previewed at the biggest tabletop gaming convention in North America.

Ankh: Gods of Egypt

Blood Rage and Rising Sun remain one of the most beloved and successful games released by CMON. Especially the latter, as it is the 8th highest funded KS board game ever and the second highest funded CMON game. Designing yet another installment was a no brainer, and we’ve often wondered what would the setting be. We have our answers now: it’s ancient Egypt.

Ankh: Gods of Egypt. Trademarks and visuals belong to their rightful owners.

Ankh: Gods of Egypt is the third and final episode in Eric Lang’s epic trilogy. This time: instead of leading a tribe of warriors / a Japanese clan, you will become an Egyptian god with his or her own flock of followers. The game, just like its predecessors, will be a slightly fantasy-like take on a well known setting. Expect summoning some nasty monsters and a hearty dose of area control shenanigans.

According to rumors and official interviews, Ankh: Gods of Egypt will be shorter and less random than its predecessors. Factions are designed to be highly asymmetrical. The game has tons of new concepts and mechanics, much more than Rising Sun had over Blood Rage. These innovations include things like...


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