Weekly Challenge #7: Wishlist of Shame

So 99% of people who play board games probably have a shelf of shame...but what about a wishlist of shame? That dark, dusty corner of your wishlist that produces shame from the fear of pulling the trigger.

What 3 games have clung to your wishlist the longest and why?

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Owner9 months ago

Hey, I have exactly three games that fit this criteria!

  • #Brass: Birmingham - Not gonna lie, the overal aesthetic and components for this game are what initially drew me into the game. But I like the sound of the gameplay and it apparently handles 2p quite well, so it still stays. I suppose it's not much of a wish anymore though, because Trent and I recently bought 3 copies of the deluxe edition - 1 for the giveaway that's currently running, 1 for a future giveaway, and 1 for making content
  • #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar - Still very very interested in getting this game. But I don't think it will happen until I know that gaming with my wife will become more frequent
  • #Keyflower - Same thoughts on this as Tzolk'in but this one has higher priority. I really think both of these games will be a hit with my wife. They both share the commonality of a solid mechanic with a strong hook/twist

Supporter9 months ago

I think for me the 3 that have been on the list more or less the longest are:

  • #Inis I want this. I think I would love it. I refuse to get it off of my list. I think whenever I move back to the states, I could maybe even get this played enough. But, when I put this on my list I was still in the states, but I thought it was too expensive. Now, when I would be willing to get it, I don't have the group for it.
  • #Friday This is a classic solo game, and it is cheap. But, I have just never gotten it, I should actually probably get this off of my list, but I doubt I will.
  • #Jaipur This is a classic classic two player game. I don't know why I haven't bought it yet, I just haven't. I do think my wife would probably like it. And, I am sure that I would.


9 months ago

I totaly feel for you in each of those reasons... I feel like classics are hard to get since they are always going to be there. Games over the $40 pricepoint are also hard to justify if I wont play them enough, but the cheap ones are so hard to get too because it seems underwhelming haha

Supporter9 months ago


9 months ago

For me, I have had #Roll For The Galaxy, #Troyes, and #Le Havre on the longest. I just really dont like spending too much on board games (I am super cheap). so much shame...

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