Can you take board games on a plane?

Hi All,

I recently posted an article about whether or not you can take board games on a plane - and 5 Must Know Tips Before You Do!

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Supporter12 months ago

Good tips but no I've never taken games on a plane. Haven't needed to yet but there's always a first time for everything!

14 months ago

I brought bananagrams through the LAX terminal...they said that every single time that goes through it gets flagged lol. 

14 months ago

There's not a set way you need to pack your board games other than the fact you don't want a lot of lose items in your bag and the fact that turbulence can mean a few damaged minis :(.

I would pack then securely so the pieces don't rattle around too much.

Supporter14 months ago

That was a very interesting read, thanks! I had one question. Do you have to pack your board game in any special way to protect it during the plane travel? Or is it simply enough to pack it in a way so that it won't move around so much?

14 months ago

Nice article. We'll be traveling internationally for Christmas, and do I ever plan on taking games! haha I've had my carryon searched once, just this past February. The game in question was Passing Through Petra, and yeah, I can see how that could look sketchy on the x-rays haha