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My Journeys in Middle-Earth Review (The Cardboard Herald - TL; DW in comments)

Our review of the Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth. Timestamps here: 00:18 - Overview 01:33 - Hero gameplay system (basic / character / class card......

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Thought y’all might be interested in a review of this game from someone who is both a huge fan of adventure and dungeon crawl style games, but also a die hard Tolkien enthusiast. As always, because I love and respect you, I have a TL;DW here (too long; didn’t watch) and the video description has live time stamps so you can easily navigate. I’m happy to answer questions, I hope you dig it! 


-The character / class based card system for character building & skill tests (which extends to combat) is awesome and intuitve

-The app does a great job facilitating the game, so we typically finish a game in just over an hour with maybe 5 min setup/takedown on either end

-I enjoy the little attempts to acknowledge abstract elements of Tolkiens work, like Bilbo drawing inspiration from chance (if chance you call it), or the fact that damage comes in both physical and spiritual forms

-The app makes it more accessable and people who normally might feel overwhelmed by bigger games with RPG elements may feel at home here

-It looks pretty on the table

-It is just generally fun to play


- Not enough variety. I want to get more stuff quicker (especially items), and there should be more variety in enemies

- The story is pretty generic

- I wish that this had an all original cast of characters because it makes it harder to build (and buy in to) a story with established characters

- The battle map implies much more tactical combat, but really it's just a perspective switch

Overall, I really enjoy it and we are looking forward to each game we are playing. It's far from perfect, but it's been a blast so far and I'm looking forward to having some more focused videos like on solo play and final thoughts on the campaign later.