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Weekly Challenge 7 -- How I use my Board Game Wishlist

I routinely add a boardgame to my wishlist after watching a review or otherwise coming across it and liking it.  I use my wishlist kind of as a memory aid.  I will refer back to my wishlist to see how I liked it, what price it was, etc.  I will often use my wishlist as a filler to reach free shipping requirements, and I definitely try to promote my wishlist as a list of possible gifts whenever Christmas comes around.  So far that last one hasn't worked.

How do you get your friends and family to buy you games that you want, instead of what they think that you want (i.e. not even a game)?

Right now I have a few games on my must have wishlist that have yet to make it to retail, like Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy, and I have games that are no longer easily obtainable, like StarCraft: The Board Game or Xia: Legends of a Drift System, in hopes that someone might want to trade me for one.

I think the main thing that I use my wishlist for though is to rank and queue purchases.

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Supporter4 months ago

They are working on printing #Xia: Legends of a Drift System, so you might be able to get it yet.

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