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Although tiny (two games so far), I would really like #Catan and was thinking about #Ticket To Ride.  I want both me and my family/friends to get into some more complex boardgames and thought that these would be good gateway games.  Would you recommend one of these over the other?

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4 months ago

I would recommend #Flamme Rouge as a great gateway game, it is as simple as ticket to ride but with more interesting decisions and player interaction

4 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion!

4 months ago

You are very welcome, it's also a game I still love playing even though I have played board games for years. Whereas I am less keen on Catan or Ticket to ride nowadays

Supporter4 months ago

I feel like #Ticket To Ride might be a better game. But, I enjoy #Catan more. So, I can't really recomend one above the other.

4 months ago

Thanks for letting me know!

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