Culling My Entire Collection! | Things Get Dicey!

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I love Paula's videos - I think this is my favorite one yet.

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10 months ago

Ha, that's hilarious. I not too long ago sold on a bunch of games and it took a little self-convincing to be willing to part with them

Supporter10 months ago

I very carefully picked out 4 games to sell. Listed them all lovingly on Facebook marketplace. Took 2 weeks but I eventually sold one. Still have the rest. 

10 months ago

It's good that you've commited to getting rid of them, plus they will hopefully go to a home where they will bring joy to a new group of people rather than just languishing on your shelf

Supporter10 months ago

Otherwise this was basically what my process looked like. 

Premium User10 months ago


Owner10 months ago

Love it. I.... hope I don't get to that point some day lol. Sure helps that we'll likely end up with a much more bloated collection at the office than at home xD

I should reach out to Paula to see if there's a possibility of us sponsoring one of her seasons!

Premium User10 months ago

That would be awesome! I'd love to see even more online personalities come around here. We've got a few and that's fun :)

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