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App for boardgames and RPG fans

Greetings guys, how are you?

We re Drakkarti, a Brazilian startup that develops apps to assist players in several RPG games and boardgames.

We invite you to discover our latest news. Rolld, a free app that generates different types of dices (numeric, alphanumeric, for RPG, for table games, customized) and allows you to roll as much dice as you want, add modifiers, consult the history and more, all in a very intuitive way:



It was an app made by fans for fans of this type of game. Therefore, feel free to download the application, send us feedbacks and if you find it interesting to help us with the disclosure.

We thank you for the opportunity, and if you are interested in knowing more about the app or the company, visit or send us a message, we will be happy to return to you.

Best regards and good play!

Master Drakkar

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2 months ago

Tks for feedbacks! We're looking to improve the app and ideas are very welcome. I will send the development team. 

Premium User2 months ago

Thanks for sharing! I never play games like this but there's quite a few in my group that do so I'll pass the info along to them

Supporter2 months ago

One reason I haven't don't any tabletop RPG's is because I think it'd be hard to find a good GM or I'd end up having to be the GM.  This could make it a possibility down the line. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Premium User2 months ago

I've personally just never been interested myself. I'm definitely not creative enough in that way to make it work either haha

2 months ago

Thanks for sharing!

What would up the user experience for me:

  • it seems slow because of the screen "closing" and showing the result. Actual dice begin animated and showing the dice AND the numeric value.
  • I can't seem to mix dice types
  • the A-z function does something else I expected and the result was in portugese. (I thought I would be able to make a custom die with letters
  • the modifier would be handier if it would also be able to jump in stepts of 10, like necessary in Warhammer fantasy roleplay.
  • Language: one die, two dice. "dices" sounds off.

I use another app (paid): RollMyDice.
It offers me the option to custom build my dice (icons, colors, number of icons per side etc) and build mixed bags as well.
I don't say your app won't be better than their over time but I think it will be a usefu one to check for inspiration! :)

2 months ago

cool, it looks useful!