[COMC] Smaller collection but on a shiny new shelf!


Hey BGA! I got a new shelf for my board games and it's already full! I'm so excited about it that I decided to show it and my collection off to you all(small as it may be).

Here is the Imgur link: http://imgur.com/a/qw21mv2

(It looks like the pictures below the first one of my entire shelving unit got turned 90° to the left... IDK how to fix this from mobile, but it does make the games a bit easier to read I suppose).

Let's get some questions out of the way:

> how long have you been involved in the hobby?

I'm 25 and have been an avid board gamer since I was around 15, so easily 10 years if not longer. My buddy back home in Michigan had one of those collections that took up an entire basement and I never got bored of discovering new games.

> What would you change about your collection if you could? 

Well obviously my collection is pretty small, so I'd like to expand on it a bit, but if I had to change anything, I probably wouldn't have gotten some of the heavier games like Power Grid and Cosmic Encounter. Although those are two of my favorite games, I really don't have anyone to play them with, which bums me out a bit. I would probably trade them out for something lighter like SmallWorld or like King of Tokyo or something, maybe even Machi Koro. The main people I enjoy playing games with just want something light, since they're not as avid fans as I am.

Another thing is that a few of my games I never play because they're a bit too... Young for me. For example, Tick Tock Boom is a fun word game, but it's really geared more towards a younger crowd, such as those who are learning how words work, etc. 

That being said, I feel like I have a good mix of light/medium/heavy games, and I'll always have a game suitable for almost any crowd. I'm always looking for good deals, and am open to recommendations so I'd love to hear your favorites or recommendations for my collection! 

My favorite game is Cosmic Encounter. I grew up playing that game the most with my friends and have fond memories of doing crazy things like playing with 15 powers each and seeing what happens. However, my prized possession would be Betrayal, again due to the memories, however, I didn't play this one as often, so I was always looking forward to the next time I could play it. 

My family knows I love collecting games, and this past birthday of mine, I was gifted "game money" while on vacation which allowed me to buy like 4-5 games. I picked up Tokaido, Ticket to Ride, the Widows Walk Expansion for Betrayal, and Power Grid. Over Christmas, my buddy got me 7 Wonders: Duel, and I've had a bit of fun with that one!

I'm looking forward to the next game I buy, but I'm realizing that buying games is just as much for who I'll play it with than just what I enjoy. 

Anyways, thanks for checking out my collection, feel free to ask any questions you might have or suggest games I might like! Thanks! :)

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18 months ago

What are your thoughts on your 5 new games? Have you had a chance to play them all?

18 months ago

My wife and I can't get enough of Ticket to Ride, and it's a favorite amongst my co-workers too. Easily the best game I purchased. 

I've played Tokaido a few times, and it's good for a play or two, but I'm getting the vibe that my friends think it's a bit too simple. I like it, though. 

Betrayal is a favorite amongst friends and the new haunts are great! Many more plays to come. :)

7 Wonders and Power grid unfortunately don't get played enough. Explaining 7 wonders can be a bit confusing and that turns off a few people too. Power grid is just too heavy of a game for most of my friends. I'd love to play more, but I just don't have the right audience.

18 months ago

you're going to need a bigger shelf soon! hope you enjoy the games! i see quite a few on there i've played or want to play!

18 months ago

Yeah, I keep telling myself I've gotten into the wrong hobby, this one is too damn expensive lol. I love it though, and over the years, my collection will grow. One thing at a time. :)

Supporter11 months ago

Yeah, my wife is keep telling this to me :D And I read many places that boardgaming hobby is expensive, but I disagree, there are a lot more hobbies that are a lot more expensive than board gaming.
If you think about how much is a movie with some nachos and a soda for one (withou Moviepass), you can buy pretty cool games for that price for the fun of multiple people and it might come to the table more than once.
The only drawback is that they take up a lot of space if you wanna keep them :)

18 months ago

Here's to many more years of getting more games and bigger shelves!

18 months ago

thats a cute shelf

18 months ago

Hey thanks :D

Small but gets there job done well enough I suppose. 

18 months ago

That is all that matters!

18 months ago

Yatzee is my jam and Telestrations makes it to the table at any of our family gatherings. Unless you have a group into the same type of game a variety usually wins out. As for the younger audience games those are great for getting younger family members into the hobby and possibly interested in the heavier games.

18 months ago

I have yet to play telestrations, but my wife says it's fun. I'll have to check it out next game night.

18 months ago

Its telephone meets pictionary. A person starts off reading a description then attempting to draw it. The next person writes what they guess it is and passes. That person then does a sketch and so on. Its a great game for a lot of laughs and funny when it can get way off from the original but then make its way back to the correct guess.