Monster Hunter: World Board Game Kickstarter is Coming from Steamforged Games

Steamforged Games has just announced a 2021 Kickstarter for a Monster Hunter: World board game! 


For those who aren't in the loop, the Monster Hunter franchise is a series of fantasy action role-playing games in which you play as a Hunter. You fulfill quests from the locals to slay or trap Monsters of epic proportions, cooperate with other Hunters who wield various different weapon archetypes (e.g. sword, axe, lance, bow, etc), obtain valuable loot, and upgrade your gear to put up resistance against devastating elemental attacks and suit up for your next adventure.

Coming from Steamforged Games.

Steamforged Games has released a series of Kickstarters based on high-profile game franchises, including Dark Souls: The Board Game and Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game. These releases, including the upcoming Monster Hunter: World Kickstarter, all share the commonality of an expansive universe, the promise of delivering the sense of adventure and wonder onto the tabletop, an expensive big box game with high quality miniatures, and... risk. Why?

Darks Souls amassed close to $5M in pledges and Horizon Zero Dawn finished its campaign at around $1.8M. And Monster Hunter: World board game adaptation will no doubt pass the $1M mark. Record-breaking numbers, but the comment section for Dark Souls Kickstarter is filled with complaints from those who've yet to receive a complete product even after multiple delays. While it's understable that a project of this scale would be fraught with nightmares, in the end, backers understandably want what they were promised, and Steamforged Games will have more hoops to jump through in order to break its records while alleviating the concerns.

Capturing the Expansive Monster Hunter Universe

Now, let's look at the positive. These games are irresistible to back because they promise to deliver the exciting gameplay of a popular video/PC game to a tabletop. Plus, providing an awesome table presence and tactile experience with high quality miniatures.

And based on some of the game mechanics shared by Sherwin Matthews, the lead designer, the gameplay also sounds promising. The key here is to rein in an expansive, open-ended universe to create a compelling tabletop session for your gaming group, and players will have to make crucial decisions to effectively make use of a limited number of campaign "days". Do you need to explore and gain more information on a Monster? That will cost a day. Do you need to prep your gear using your latest loot? That will cost a day. This sounds like a nice mixture of risk vs. reward that is consistent with the theme, and I like the sound of where it's headed. And as someone who loves games with a sense of progression, it's always a welcome news to be able to pilot a character that grows from game 1 to 10 and progressively gets stronger to an urecognizable point (likely in the form of deck-building).

So, will you take the risk of backing this monster box coming to Kickstarter in 2021?

Here's Trent's video that covers the news:

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15 months ago


 A nice clear outline, cheers.

 I like this notion of an agro counter. I am inclined to back just to find out more.

I continue to fail in understanding beyond precedents of a business commitment operating within this ecosystem why Kickstarter backers care when their game arrives?

Ah, well, maybe it's just that I am singularly grateful when my games do arrive and are as lovely as I hoped they would be.

 Good gaming all.

Owner15 months ago

Appreciate the comment! I'm not fully in the loop on the happenings so I can't quite comment on that. At least in the case of Steamforged Games, it feels like a culmination of broken promises and bad communication that's likely the biggest cause of all of the groaning. Have you ever backed anything from them?

15 months ago


Thanks, yes, now you mention it I was a little off-topic there and certainly, I have sympathy for backers having to deal with recalcitrant projects. It doesn't take much to create a bad experience in such a delicately poised and symbiotic space as games crowdfunding which makes it quite sad to hear of such stories.

 I suppose Steamforged Games and its products just whistle past my flanks primarily because I am not much of a crossover gamer. I have never properly manipulated either a controller or a keyboard in any game space and uttered a quiet prayer of thanks when board games were repopularised.

 So, no, I have never had the pleasure of battling with Steamforged Games for recognition and love.

In a really small way, the lack of product support (non-responsive to direct emails and lack of forum presence) by Kozz Games for their little light gem yoz meant that I just didn't bother caring about their recent Kickstarter project.

Mostly, I have been lucky I suppose and other than amusing myself comparing my decisions with BoardgameCo's value propositions I have experienced little dissonance from my Kickstarter choices other than the financial jeopardy I flirt with alarming often thanks to the "gaming" quality of many projects cost structures. So often I end up making an addicts choice because I have had a good time interacting with the project, or I am induced by their add-ons and then when the final Pledge Manager and shipping settles out I find multiple projects eying up my PayPal account simultaneously and I wish that I just stuck to Laybuy purchases down at my local ToyWorld!

 Nice chat.


Premium User15 months ago

I do enjoy MHW quite a bit.  I am curious to see how the gameplay works out.  I like the elememts described in the video.  I added the Horizon Zero Dawn playthrough to my YouTube watchlist to see how that one plays out.  I'm playing through HZD right now for the third or fourth time and love that game.

Owner15 months ago

Nice! I remember seeing HZD and the visuals looked amazing. My jaw just drops whenever I see a video game these days haha

15 months ago

God, I'm just skeptical. Love MH, but I don't know if I can trust SFG. It's a bummer. Really curious to see the Kickstarter.

Owner15 months ago

But yes, here's to hoping that it's been a learning process and that things will go much smoother!

Owner15 months ago

Yeah, I can see where you're coming from. To be honest, I'm pretty far removed from the Kickstarter world since I don't back any but I do keep up with the news. And if I had a publisher come out with one of my favorite IP's (Final Fantasy) and dropped the ball on it, I'd be so disappointed.

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