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Tapiru on Kickstarter


I just wanted to give a shout-out to this cool-looking game on Kickstarter: #Tapiru: A Bubble Tea Game. It's got a cool backstory and some excellent visual design by the game designer! I love games with uncommon settings, especially coming from people and places that don't often get attention in this industry.  I'm not connected with this project in any way, I'm just excited about it!

Check it out here:

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Owner8 months ago

This is always a welcome theme for me and my wife :)

Wish there were a Viticulture-like game for boba haha

8 months ago

Looks like an interesting little game, for a two player game I usually like quite a lot of interaction with my opponent (or teammate for co-op). Is there much focus on what you opponent is doing? Or is it more 2 player solitaire (which would be absolutely fine and sometimes that is really nice)?

8 months ago

I don't know much about it other than I watched the video on the ks page! Besides the context, what grabbed me about the gameplay was the combination of tile drafting with trying to get a lot, but not too many, bobas in your cup, as well as competing in 3 different columns. It looks pretty clever!

Also, a personal pet peeve of mine is that ks takes sooooo long to fulfill, usually 9-12 months or more from the time of the pledge.  Tapiru is scheduled to arrive in the fall so that is appealing to me.

8 months ago

Haha, I know! I just backed my first game on Kickstarter and it is sinking in that I have to wait probably a year before I get to play it. Although I guess this is the same as games that don't go through Kickstarter it all just happens behind closed doors so we never know.

Supporter8 months ago

I can't see that the theme is a appealing one to me, but the fact that it is a different theme is very appealing. 

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