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Hi @philryuh and @trentellingsen

I only came across this since writing longer pieces that include pictures for the weekly challenges: for those I have been clicking the 'write a full article' link too make inserting pictures easier. 

However, when in that mode, I can no longer #gamename to get an automatic hyperlink to the game. I can still do in manually but would be nice to have that capability.

There may be a good reason it can't be that way, or it may very well be me being my usual blind self but thought I would bring it up.

Thank you for everything you have done to make the site great!

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Owner4 months ago

This is coming! Part of my work on the new comment box is a bigger project shift to updating the article page to be powered by the same technology. I'll make a post when it's live!

4 months ago

Sweet, thank you so much!

Owner4 months ago

It's here! Go check out the full article page now :D

4 months ago

Woohoo, amazing, greatly appreciated :D

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