10 x 5 Challenge Update 2

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It's been about 2 months since I last posted about my 10 x 5 Challenge with my update post. Part of me feels like not a lot has changed since then, but recent events make this a worthy update. We're very near the end, having played 40 of the 50 plays. The problem is...we may be giving up (or at the very least changing the rules lol).

  1. #Underwater Cities (2 of 5 plays) - As stated during my previous update, this game just takes too long to play so it's seen the table the least out of our original 10 games. Most recently, Sarah has pointed out that we like it and know we're going to keep it so there's no real point to keep going. Though I can't disagree with that logic, I do want to at least attempt to finish the final 3 plays before the year is up. We DO like the game, after all :P
  2. #Barrage (4 of 4 plays) - Someone I was talking to in the Board Game Barrage discord brought up the point has been making to me for some time now: we shouldn't waste our time playing games we don't like. More specifically I shouldn't make Sarah play games she doesn't like. That, combined with a recent Hidden Gems podcast episode I was listening to made me realize I appreciate games I can get to the table (under normal circumstances) more than once a year. I think Barrage would fall into that once a year kind of game category and I already have a few of those. Ironically, the guy on the discord is pretty local to me so I'm going to trade it to him at some point here soon for some games I can hopefully have a better time of getting to the table.
  3. #Biblios (5 of 5 plays) - The final 3 plays of this totally changed my mind on wanting to part with it. Such a simple ruleset but pretty thoughtful decisons. Don't know how often we'll pick it to play over other games we own going forward, but I plan on hanging onto this.
  4. #The Quacks of Quedlinburg (4 of 5 plays) - Still enjoying this game and introducing it to more people. And still no plans to get rid of it.
  5. #Suburbia (4 of 5 plays) - We got this played at 3 players instead of our usual 2 and it changed ever so slightly but only in terms of the need to watch what all other players were doing/building in their suburbs. Outside of that, the strategy I've been using has been the same. It's so samey I'm pretty bored of it. I actually have this included in a trade proposal to BoardGameCo I just submitted.
  6. #Wingspan (5 of ? plays) - Part of the deal with giving up on Barrage was that we agreed to exchange the last play for another play of Wingspan. I'm not sure If the other games I'm potentially trading will fall into that category too.
  7. #Fabled Fruit (3 of 3 plays)
  8. #Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One (3 of 3 plays)
  9. #Carcassonne (5 of 5 plays) - Finished this one out playing 2 of our 5 plays with my cousins who really enjoyed it. After our 5th and final play, we asked them if they wanted to keep it.
  10. #The Networks (3 of 5 plays) - Gotten no where with this one since the last update. Really can't envision a time I'd want to play it to be honest. Also included in my trade proposal to BoardGameCo so it may be out the door soon.
  11. #7 Wonders Duel (2 of ? plays) - This may also inherit some of the plays from Suburbia and The Networks. I suppose Quacks could too, but this is easier to set up so I'd choose this over that as a replacement game.

My desire to play my more recent acquisitions is finally getting me to cave to Sarah and give up a little on getting all these plays done as I planned. With 40 of the 50 plays done, we had a pretty good run. Honestly, I think as long as some combination of these games getting played the 50 times, that's a successful challenge lol.

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That's still pretty good progress on your challenge - feel good about that! And I'm glad to see you're taking my advice and getting rid of games you're not enjoying...it's a great feeling freeing up space taken up by something you no longer really want. Also, not making your SO play a game she doesn't want to play is the best long term strategy.

Premium User16 days ago

Totally agree on all fronts!