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Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game – Season One Review | Board Game Quest

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Premium User4 months ago

Nice review!

My fiance and I looked into this because she's really into true crime pods. Having read some reviews, we decided against this and went with #Chronicles of Crime instead due to the heavy text issues. It seems with the new version those are sorted out so I may have to look at this game again. Have you played Chronicles? If so how do you think the new version of Detective compares?

For us, Chronicles is a little difficult to solve the cases because it leaves us feeling like we failed to get a majority of the evidence. We still have fun going through it most of the time but the scenarios seem to string out further and further until you're like okay now what should we do? Maybe similarly to what you said in your cons section, we're just bad lol.

Partner4 months ago

I actually wasn't a huge fan of Chronicles. I really liked the VR aspect, but I didn't like the QR code scanning. I ended up mostly brute forcing that by scanning everything I could think of. It felt really fiddly. 

I like this new version of detective because the writing is much tighter and the cases are shorter. You can play 2 in one session. Now you still don't get all the evidence you'd like, but you could always house rule having more time :)

Premium User4 months ago

Hmm sounds like I'll have to look into Detective a bit more. My only concern with your review was you had mentioned the fact that there are only 3 cases. I'm unfamiliar with how this game works when it comes to getting more cases. Would we have to wait for future seasons?

Partner4 months ago

I assume they'll be releasing more cases, but really I don't know their plan.