What did you play this week?

This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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Supporter23 months ago

I was able to teach my 6 year old daughter Pandemic: Iberia and it was a lot of fun to move her up out of only playing kids games.  My plan of built in gaming group at home is coming along nicely. 

Owner23 months ago

How did your 6 year old do? (that's awesome by the way). I have a 13 month old and I can't wait till he gets there.

Supporter23 months ago

Really good, I definitely had to coach her through some choices, but I always try to give her 3-4 options and let her pick.  

23 months ago

Pipeline has been my go to this past week. I am working on a solo bot, so I've been playtesting a fair bit. If anyone is interested, you can find the (very rough) app for it here - Argonaut

Premium User23 months ago

Pretty good gaming week this week!  We had our usual Thursday night along with an all day session Saturday.

We got the following to the table:

The kids got me Dirty Pig and more dude recently.  I wasn't sure if they would work with my group.  However, they were a good bit of fun between Power Grid and Gaia Project!    Quick and not to be taken seriously but we had a good time.

Concordia and Power Grid are two of my favourite games that I don't get to play as often as I would like.  It was great to try out some of the other maps I've bought.  

Bargain Quest and Gaia Project were both new to me.  I quite enjoyed them both.  Bargain Quest is a lot about mitigating the luck of the cards as best you can and it did let me tell myself a little story about being the shopkeeper that equips the heroes on their quests.   I quite enjoyed it!

Gaia Project is on par with Power Grid in the planning and brain power required department.  For a first play I felt pretty good that I pulled off my ultimate plan although it wasn't enough to win me the game.   

Good week!

Owner23 months ago

Nice! I've wanted to try Bargain Quest at some point after interviewing the artist. I've heard some people found it way too light, was that the case for you? Also, is there any asymmetry involved between the different shopkeepers?

When I quickly read through the descriptions for the new kickstarter (Merchants Cove), I thought it sounded similar to Bargain Quest but it seemed like there are key differences that set them apart.

Premium User23 months ago

We only played the base game and there was no asymmetry between the shop keepers.   

In the one game we played I didn't feel it was too light for the time it took to play.  I could see that possibly being the case after several plays though as you don't get a ton of decision making. 

The owner had the black market add-on but we didn't give that a whirl so I can't tell you if that would change anything.