What's the Best Worker Placement Game?


I'm a fan of worker placement games and tend to enjoy how easily theme can come through when playing them and also how easy they are to teach generally. Some of my favorites probably aren't surprising but here's a handful of mine

What are your favorites?

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Owner12 months ago

I don't know what I was thinking about #Root being worker placement. I'm probably a bit tired, haha.

12 months ago

Waitwaitwaitwaitwait...You missed #Champions of Midgard

Supporter12 months ago

My favorite, hands down, is #Agricola (Revised Edition).

Supporter12 months ago

#Dinosaur Island has become my favorite worker placement game. I like that it has many levels of worker placement in the same game. 

12 months ago

I am very fond of #Bus at the moment. It is the touted as the first ever Worker Placement game, you select all of your actions during one phase, then resolve them in the next so it is unique there AND when you use an action disk that is the only time you can use that one so you are limited to 20 actions in the game. It is really neat. 

Premium User12 months ago

I would not consider #Wingspan#PARKS, or #Root as worker placement games.  Wingspan is Tableau building with resource management, PARKS is sort of worker placement but it's like #Sierra West where it's more worker management combined with resource management.  Root is are control mostly.  

That's all for my naysaying...lol.  #Viticulture: Essential Edition I agree with and I think that deserves a spot at or near the top.  I haven't played #A Feast For Odin and can't speak to that one.  #Robinson Crusoe is pretty much worker placement and exceptionally challenging at that.  I think it earns a top 5 for me due to it's difficulty (but also great gameplay).  #Paladins of the West Kingdom competes for my top worker placement spot and it probably depends on my mood as to whether I'd place they one first or Viticulture.  

#Architects of the West Kingdom is a great game and I think a lot of folks would consider it high on their lists if they;ve play'd it.  It's more interactive than #Paladins of the West Kingdom.  The next one gets left off become it may be considered tableau building rather than worker placement but #Everdell has a significant worker placement component to it's gameplay.  #Lewis & Clark is similar in that it's more of a deck builder but worker placement is quite significant.  

12 months ago

I would agree on Root and Wingspan, not quite in the same genre. Parks has some elements of worker placement, but it has a progression to it that makes it unique. 

12 months ago

Maybe it's because I am overly pendantic, but there are a lot of games I don't think of as worker placement because it's not really the core mechanic. The interesting decisions happen elsewhere in the game, and workers are really just a way to limit and allocate actions. 

I think the best example of almost pure worker placement is #Stone Age. The entire game is putting out and taking back workers. It's incredibly satisfying and crunchy. 

I also love #Tzolk'in. I love how you invest your workers and play against time. It's the only game I can think of that makes you miss your workers.

I enjoy Viticulture, but the actual worker placement in that game never ends up being very interesting. The game is broken without the Grande workers, but the Grande workers remove any tension that comes from worker placement.

Premium User12 months ago

Also this post from Phil is a great one to check out. It's a similar topic, and there are a fair number of comments in there.

Premium User12 months ago

Personally, I wouldn't consider Wingspan to be a worker placement game by any stretch. I'd consider it a tableau-building game. There is no competition for the actions, since they're all on personal player mats, and nothing limiting your options for the actions. The cubes signify action selection and act as turn counters, but I don't think they could really be called workers.

  • Viticulture is one of my favorites!
  • #Everdell has worker placement as one of the 3 main actions you can take, so that's partially a worker placement game, and we love it!
  • #Lords of Waterdeep is a lot of fun, especially if you're a fan of the DnD universe. It's also pretty easy to teach, so it's a pretty good gateway/next step game.