Quacks of Quedlinburg - Late to the table

I recently went to the last of my FLGS that I had not purchased anything from over the holidays with the intention of walking out with something. Unfortunately, nothing that was high on wishlist was currently in stock at the store. They did however have #The Quacks of Quedlinburg so I walked out with that.

I've been avoiding this one because push-your-luck, while I find it enjoyable, doesn't appeal to me as a main mechanism of a game.  But it seems to still be getting a lot of accolades even several years after it came out and having kids that I want to play with I finally decided it was time to pick it up.

Dang. I should have picked this up years ago!  Big hit with the kids, even my 6 year old likes it, though she did need some coaching through the ingredient effects to start. Two of the kids stated it might be one of their top favorite games. The kids even did something that they never have done before, they pulled out the game and taught it to their mother while I was at work. So overall, a big hit, highly enjoyable for my family, I wish I would have jumped on the bandwagon sooner. I'm already planning on picking up the expansion just to get teh 5th player.

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54 days ago

I wanted to enjoy this game but I could not :(

54 days ago

I wanted to dislike this game but I could not. :)

Supporter53 days ago

I have wanted to play this game, but could not...LOL

50 days ago

This game is so much fun! I'd like to get it to the table more. I bought the Herb Witches expansion last summer but haven't had a chance to play with it yet. 

Premium User50 days ago

I too just recently picked up #The Quacks of Quedlinburg! We've only played once so far mostly because we have so many other new games available to us but it was a blast. So happy I grabbed it too

Owner52 days ago

Loved it so much that they actually taught their mom to play? That's super awesome and I'm happy that you got to experience that :D

Quacks is one of 's favorites and he recently mentioned that the expansion not only adds an additional player but also made it more feasible for a person who's behind to catch up (I guess the rat tail effects weren't enough--although, there's that one card that doubles the number of rat tails and that can be a complete game changer)

52 days ago

I was super surprised at that. They've never gone to that extent to play a game before. 

It's good to hear that the expansion adds other worthwhile gameplay elements even if my primary reason for getting it is the extra player.

Owner52 days ago

That was my primary reason to buy it as well and I actually didn't pull out any other expansion elements for months. I wish I did! It's so much better with it with very little additional rules.

53 days ago

I purchased a copy of this but haven't opened it yet because I've been trying to decide if I want to keep it for my personal shelf or gift it to my sister, who I think likes push your luck games.  I've heard so many great things about it.  This review is definitely pushing me towards keeping it for myself.  Anything I can use to help get the kids into gaming. 

Premium User50 days ago

Man you with all your unopened games...

Can't shame you as much anymore since I have a couple myself now. LOL

48 days ago

So long as its only a couple I think you're doing ok haha.  I'm afraid to actually go through and count them.  Plus you have that mission now to get all your new games played. 

Premium User47 days ago

True..I mean a "couple" for me is currently like...let's see 10? A few of those will have to wait for more players than just the two of us. Or in the case of #The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game, until I at least attempt to read some of the books.

46 days ago

Yesss read the books. 

I have 12 that I found and 2 expansions unopened and 2 that I've opened but not played.  I'm not counting the ones that are in my "do I gift or do I keep" pile.  So 10's not bad haha.

Premium User45 days ago

How many are in the do I gift or keep pile? LOL

Most of my 10 are opened just not played...I think actual unopened I have 4

44 days ago

5.  And I found 2 more unopened, but those were both gifts so they don't count right?  >.>

Premium User43 days ago

Ironically, I "found" 1 more unopened too. By found I mean it was just in another room. Forgot I put it there...lol

And that was a gift so if you're not counting yours, I'm not counting mine :P

40 days ago

Maybe they count for half credit haha

53 days ago

Ha! I was hoping to convince my sister to pick up the game so I wouldn't have to. But I'm glad that I picked it up.

As I was checking out, there was a young kid (8ish) who informed me that it was his favorite game ever.

I feel like this game would be super boring if you don't invest some emotion into it. Of you play super stoic and by the numbers it's boring. But it's a blast of you are willing to throw your hands in the air with an exaggerated "AAARRRRGHH" of agony as you blow up your pot. Put your misery on display for the enjoyment of the other players, and in turn, indulge in your own schadenfreude at the others expense. I think that's why it makes such a good game with kids, kids invest emotionally into the game easier than most adults.

 If I played this just me and my wife... it would be terrible.

52 days ago

I can see this being a good game with my family.  I will definitely get around to opening it one of these days.  (I have to teach my sisters how to play all the games I got them for Christmas first.) 

I'm also laughing at the mental image of just you and your wife playing this game, which would likely also be the experience of me and my husband.  A very quiet, noncommittal game of percentages. 

52 days ago

Yeah, my wife and I would play the most boring game ever of Quacks. My wife doesn't invest emotionally in games. I've had to tell her to show some happiness when she wins or does well because the only thing worse than losing to a winner with poor sportsmanship is losing a game to someone who just doesn't care.

My daughters tend to be more risk averse, so I did have to explode my potion twice before either of my daughters felt like pushing their luck that far. I was helped along by my youngest drawing chips for me. He has no sense of restraint. He's definitely of the "go big or go home" mindset. Lol.

51 days ago

Yeah, that can be frustrating.  "Oh I crushed you, eh whatever" haha. 

 I'm so looking forward to seeing how my daughters grow up and what their personalities will be like.  The younger one is about to turn one and is starting to scream back at her sister when she tries to take something away from her. 

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