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Any amateur astronomers?


Calling all amateur astronomers! Anyone else going to be watching the skies tonight for the Great Conjunction? Jupiter and Saturn will be separated in our skies by only 0.1 degree tonight. Many biblical scholars say (and I believe them) that this is the Christmas Star that appeared in the sky and lead the wise men to Bethlehem. This will be the first time in 800 years that this event will be visible in the night sky! 

My mom dropped off her present to me yesterday so I could attempt to view the event with a telescope. So cool!!! Unfortunately the weather here is supposed to be mostly cloudy so I'm likely to miss it. Not cool.

Anyone else into astronomy?  

That said - are there any board games that you like that deal with astronomy? I can think of a few but I haven't played them.#The Search for Planet X seems really cool and is definitely about astronomy. Not too sure if I would enjoy the deduction/puzzle aspect but maybe I would!

Let me know which board games you like that have this theme!

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28 days ago

Alas, living in the Pacific NW, clouds and rain are more typical at this time of year, and it was par for the course this past week.  Our first exchange student from Paris is a huge astronomy fan and has a great telescope.  His photos are amazing! I asked him if he had a chance to see it, and his reply was no, 'unfortunately the sky decided to wear cloudy clothes'. I love that phrase now!

Supporter28 days ago

It was cloudy here too. I did check it out on Christmas Eve and was able to pick up Jupiter and 3 of her moons. Couldn't make out anything beyond that. 

28 days ago

Sounds awesome!

33 days ago

I went outside to look for it!  I was super excited for it and have stayed out in the cold a bit to watch some of the meteor showers we had going on this month.  I'm not super knowledgable about astronomy, I just like to look at the skies and the cool things that God has put there.  I have a (probably very cheap) telescope around somewhere that someone gifted me but didn't think of it in time to set it up for tonight.  Plus I live in the middle of the city so skywatching is generally not great.  Miss the night skies you can see while camping. 

Supporter33 days ago

It was WAY too cloudy here for me to see it. Also really windy which made it very cold. I did have my telescope all set up and ready just in case the clouds broke but alas it was not meant to be. Guess I'll check it out in another 400 years. 

33 days ago

What a bummer.  Although to be fair it wasn't like what looking at the star of Bethlehem, at least in my head haha.  Here's a crappy picture I took ON MY PHONE, which maybe makes it not so crappy, or at least the software they put on my phone is crazy. Ignore the weird artifact thing next to the planets, I couldn't get that to go away. 

Owner33 days ago

The only one that comes to mind is the game that's sold out at the moment. And.... I cant remember the title at all :(

I'm pretty sure knows haha, I remember him mentioning it too. It has quite the table presence from what I can recall and was themed around the solar system?

For a game that's less about astronomy but about space, I remember thinking that #Intrepid looked really good

33 days ago

Hmm, is it #Leaving Earth? Off the top of my head I'm not remembering anything else I've mentioned that would fit this post, haha.

OH I just remembered:  #Sol: Last Days of a Star. That game looks awesome. The theme of that one is that the sun is dying, and the player whose furthest along the track is the only one who successfully leaves orbit to find a new home for humanity. So not quite reality-based, but sorta sciencey, haha

Owner33 days ago

That's it! #Sol: Last Days of a Star. Only 2-3 copies on BGG's market and at around $150. Crazy. Wonder if the reprint they're talking about will happen soon

I've looked a little bit into #Leaving Earth before but I was working as an engineer back then, and the sound of doing more math at home didn't sound too good lol

Supporter33 days ago

I've got#Leaving Earth waiting under the Christmas tree! I wouldn't really consider that one to be about astronomy. More about rockets and space. Which is closely related. But not necessarily astronomy. 

33 days ago

Well I heard the designer on a podcast a couple of months ago saying they would reprint it and offer it in the kickstarter for their next game, #ORGANISM. I don't know how far away they actually are for that, but they were doing playtesting for that game at the time.

Supporter33 days ago

Pretty sure  knows everything. He's a smart guy. 

33 days ago

Cannot confirm

Partner34 days ago

I took Astronomy in college. We had night labs with a telescope. I enjoyed it.

#Planetarium is under the tree at the moment. The description says, "The thematics of the game have been developed with an eye on the science, led by a scientist working on NASA's search for life on Mars." which I thought my husband would appreciate.

Supporter33 days ago

Wow this sounds super intriguing. I'll have to check it  out! Also it's not too expensive! Thanks for sharing. 

Supporter34 days ago

#The Search for Planet X is also the only one that I know of off of the top of my head with this theme. It seems like there should be more than that one, but I don't know if there are or not.