Dive into the Merciless Land of Vesteria with Historia

Funded in only two hours, Historia is a Dark Fantasy Renaissance setting for the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons that introduces the setting of Vesteria, a land populated by anthropomorphic animals. The Kickstarter's goal is to produce a Hardcover book of around 250 pages with full-color illustrations and maps, and a series of miniature sculpts in the Kickstarter campaign. Historia is a collaboration between Mirko Failoni (concept artist and illustrator for Vampire The Masquerade, Age of Sigmar, The One Ring, Pathfinder, Wraith The Oblivion, Lost Citidel, and many others), Michele Paroli (author of Journey To Ragnarok, and founder and lead designer of Mana Project Studio), and Matteo Pedroni (part of the game design team of Journey To Ragnarok and upcoming CMON Zombicide RPG).

Players will play as the heroes of Historia as they dive deep into political turmoil caused by the discovery of relics of the past. Create a character belonging to one of 15 new playable races, called Familiae, and explore the turmoil between the Holy Kingdom, led by the un-crown monarch who sits on the Chair of the Great Temple of the Sacred Citadel of Nocheburg, and the Confederation of the Free Cities, led by the elected Confederate Governor. With numerous professions, factions, treasures, and heroes, Historia offers an world of endless exploration.

Pave your own path in Vesteria for only €42 ($47) and become the next hero of Historia. Check it out before its Kickstarter ends on October 4th, 2019.

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About the Game

Mana Project Studio, that brought you Journey to Ragnarok, is proud to present Historia, a supplement setting-rulebook for the 5th Edition (5e) of the world most famous roleplaying game.

The goal is to produce an Hardcover book of ~250 pages packed with full-color illustrations and maps, including (depending on the stretch goals reached, they may increase):

  • 15 new playable races, called Familiae, divided into Species that will allow you to play ~50 different anthropomorphic animals
  • 9 new classes designed to fit a Renaissance setting, each with different archetypes
  • New powerful kinds of magic
  • Firearms rules and historically accurate equipment
  • New backgrounds that will lead forward the destiny of the characters, the Ventures
  • A new system of Factions and Careers with Ranks and Prestige
  • New optional rules for all your 5th Edition games
  • Encounters and Characters from the world of Historia
  • Stunning Artworks mainly designed by Mirko Failoni!!!

Each character in Historia belongs to an anthropomorphic animal species with its own characteristics, abilities and peculiarities.

Historia does not want to be a biology manual, and various authorial freedoms and interpretations have been taken to define categories and references.

When a player creates a character, he begins choosing its Order, between Theris, the mammals, or Avians, the birds. Then chooses its Familia, a grouping of similar Species that share some common traits, and then the Species itself, distinct by unique traits, abilities, and looks.

In Vesteria, Factions play a key role as they work tirelessly to bind the world to their needs. Every Faction follows its own goals, beliefs and modus operandi, often forming long-lasting rivalries.

In particular, old and new feuds have been christened in blood in the Green Pit since the discovery of something ancient. In Historia, Factions follow a reputation system that allows characters to discover secret missions and gain unique rewards.

In the world of Historia war, intrigues, dark plots, and betrayals are daily bread for the people who live there.

Sometimes the enemy is imposing and obvious, but often the danger comes from those least expected, as well as the opponent is not always the strongest but the most influential.

That's why Historia will feature deep and characterized NPCs. They will be valuable allies, fearsome opponents, powerful and influential enemies, or mysterious and indecipherable characters. 

One of the goals is to include a series of miniature sculpts in the Kickstarter campaign.

Daniele “Danko” Angelozzi (digital sculptor for Ludus Magnus, Kimera Miniature, Infinite Statue, Darkside Collectibles etc.) and Valerio Carbone (digital sculptor for Cthulhu Wars, Planet Apocalypse, Hyperspace for Petersen Games, Spyro Reignited Trilogy for Activision and many others) realized 3D sculpts for three characters; Muhur-Khan, Desmond and Torquato.

The sculptures have passed their first iteration phase and have been produced into a limited amount.

The miniatures will be delivered as a grey resin multi-part kit, with an height that varies between 2 and a half and 4 inches. 

More on Kickstarter

See more about the game on the Kickstarter page! Check it out before it ends on October 4th, 2019!

Go to the Kickstarter here!

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