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Here's an interesting one.  

I clicked on the "Doom" game in my Owned games list (https://www.boardgameatlas.com/game/0KCDwAG6Tg/doom).  Now if you try that link, you'll see it doesn't find what it's looking for.

The actual game is found here:


My review for the doom game is attached to it but it's not on my owned list.  I am thinking that maybe the name of the game was updated but it didn't update my list.  I am guessing you are linking to the game via name in the URL perhaps? 

I know game names don't change often but it's really vulnerable to someone going to a popular game, tweaking the name with a blank or something and then buggering everyone's links.  It's why internal ID's are way better. I'm just guessing though and perhaps it's another issue.




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Owner10 months ago

Thanks for pointing that out! I've just fixed the issue! It's not based on the name but on on ID. The code to redirect to the correct one had a bug but now it's working.

Premium User10 months ago

Thanks for the quick response!  Sorry for the bad assumption on using names.  I should have known you wouldn't go that route. :)

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