Congratulations to BGA!


Today I saw hidden reported posts for the first time. I am sure that is necessary milestone for any forum worth its salt. Congrats to the BGA team! You are on the right track to success! 

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4 days ago

So for the clueless (namely, me), what are hidden reported posts?  I'd enjoy congratulating the BGA team on great acheivements, too!

Premium User4 days ago

Spammers posting spam, then people reporting the posts and then they are hidden from the forum

4 days ago


Supporter4 days ago

I've certainly reported a number of them, but I do think that controls have gotten a lot better.


4 days ago

Haha, not something I would have even thought about but glad that you spotted it and took the time to celebrate it!

Premium User5 days ago

I've reported my share of those posts in the past few months, but it certainly does seem like a rite of passage!

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