Crusaders, Cards and Colonies – 3 Upcoming Fall 2019 Board Games

Early Fall will bring lots of new board games to Kickstarter. We’ve already covered some of them here and here, and there’s at least one more article coming next week.

Let’s get to business!

Light Hunters: Wind of the Dunes & Tide of Atlantis – September 18th

Light Hunters debuted back in 2017 and there was a single expansion released for it so far. The new campaign, launching this week, will include a second expansion and add an unique “Pandora Edition” of the game that features every product released in the series so far – all packed into a new box with a special, holographic effect.

The story of Light Hunters is scarce, but that what makes it intriguing.

Somewhere there exists certain dark forest, where groups of exiled people are forced to live. All of them have complicated pasts, often including acts of heroism and lost fame. The only way to get out of the wretched place is banding up and...


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