State of Your Board Game Collection - March 2021


A while back, I asked for ideas on weekly or monthly threads and one of them was for sharing about games you added to or removed from your collection. We'll eventually have a bot for this, but I wanted to kick it off for this month! (Feel free to make any suggestions on the formatting/presentation of this thread for future months)

Here are the questions I plan to ask every month:

  • Which games have you added into your collection in the last 30 days? How's it working out for you?
  • Which games have you removed or are you thinking of removing from your collection and why?
  • Which games are on your radar for future acquisition?

Here are my answers:


Zero. But I did back #Root: The Marauder Expansion today!

Removed/thinking about removing

I primarily play solo or 2p with my wife. I'm culling out my solo games that I know aren't compelling enough for me to get to them regularly. It's been rare to get in gaming times with my wife as well, so I'm focusing on keeping the strongest titles within several categories of games we like.

#Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North - See my first impressions

Played once with my wife and I was disappointed. I didn't find the combo play satisfying and the game leaves you with a sprawled out tableau of cards that makes it overwhelming. Mostly importantly, I didn't enjoy the "heads down" low level of player interaction. It's also not a type of game I'd find compelling enough to play solo.

#Pendulum - See my first impressions

There's a fun puzzle here where timing is of the essence. I can see fans of real-time enjoying this. But I personally thought that same sensation could be recreated in most games by adding in a timer to make things frantic. Played once with . It was fun, but it felt like a novelty that would quickly wear off. And I would not want to introduce it to those new to gaming and leave them completely dumbfounded.

#Disney Villainous - See my first impressions

Played once with my wife. Bought it used and while I enjoyed the game and its simple but clever mechanic, our preferences lean toward heavier/more complex games. It was still a nice experience diving into the Disney nostalgia.

#Tapestry - See my first impressions

Soloed twice. I've wanted to introduce this to my wife to see her reaction but that seems unlikely. Gaming time with her is a precious resource and there are many other games I'd love to introduce her to ahead of Tapestry.

It's a solid game but not compelling enough because its civ-building theme is too abstracted. Since my wife loved playing Age of Empires on the PC as a kid, I was hopeful about Tapestry but something like #Civilization: A New Dawn would be a better pick. Or a 4X game.

#The Voyages of Marco Polo - See my first impressions

This is the best game in this list. There are many ways to mitigate bad dice rolls and I love that low rolls aren't necessarily bad either. The game presents a fun puzzle and makes you feel clever whenever you manage to fulfill multiple contracts and rewards you with tons of precious resources.

Anna and I have about 4 plays on this game and it was enjoyable every single time. No complaints on the game but given the limited window of opportunity to play with my wife, it always loses out to other priority titles.

Games on my radar

#Too Many Bones

If I can sell all of the games above, it'll free up my budget to get TMB. It would likely be my ideal solo game, while also being a promising 2p game.

#John Company (Second Edition)

Still have my eyes on this one. I know this will only see solo sessions, so I need to figure out whether it's worth backing when the Kickstarter goes live. I've enjoyed soloing #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) and I find Cole's games fascinating.

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Premium User10 months ago

I really like this idea! I've purchased a lot of games recently thanks to my previous gift card win (and my general inability to say no to a good deal lol) and was actually struggling figuring out which were within the last 30 days. After further review, here is my list.


#Great Western Trail - GameNerdz had this as the Deal of the Day 2 ish weeks ago. Usually deals like this go very fast and I was actually shocked to see it still hanging around when I got out of work. Realized later it's because a second edition is coming and everyone's waiting for that. Having never played it, I don't really foresee myself caring that much about the upgrades/improvements so I went for it. Currently still on hold until we get some more space to store games.

#Dinosaur Tea Party - similar situation as above just 3 days ago lol. Heard about this on So Very Wrong About Games podcast a couple of times and it sounded fun enough to take a shot on it for $12 ish. 🤷🏻‍♂️


#Cooper Island - see below. Traded for this for a bunch of games through BoardGameCo.

#Monikers: The Shut Up & Sit Down Nonsense Box - finally picked this up along with#Monikers: More Monikers and#Monikers: Classics. This is one of our favorite games and we've been wanting the expansions forever. Found them on a pretty good deal from a random online game store and just went for it. So many new cards to play with!

#Everdell - not sure if this should count? I backed the Kickstarter. Really think Sarah and I will love this one.

Removed/thinking about removing

I'm just going to list these all together as I sent them out in the same trade with BoardGameCo. They were either not getting enough play or we have had just "okay" experiences with playing them. Most are fairly small and didn't take up a ton of space, but we need all the space we can get!#Linko#PUSH#Arkham Horror: The Card Game#Speculation#A Fake Artist Goes to New York#Mandala

#Res Arcana - I almost included this in the above trade but the value wasn't there to get something else I wanted back in addition to Cooper Island. I have this currently listed in the BGG March math trade. I think my play on BGA has pushed me over the edge towards trading this one.

Games on my radar

This section should say nothing because that's the Sarah appropriate response lol. I think honestly the only game I'm still debating getting is#Meeples & Monsters. At this point I'm leaning towards backing it.



Premium User10 months ago

GWT is such an awesome game!  Good pickup to get it on sale!

Owner10 months ago

First time hearing about #Meeples & Monsters! Checked it out on Kickstarter just now. I couldn't get a good grasp on the gameplay from my 30 second scroll through the page, but hope it works out for you haha. At least based on the reviews, sounds like AEG is coming out with another solid game.

Have you had a chance to play Cooper Island yet?

Premium User10 months ago

It's a bag builder worker placement type game. Reminds me a lot of#Orléans. My only hold up thus far is whether or not it will hit retail. Doesn't seem likely which is why I'm leaning towards backing.

We haven't. I just barely opened it and looked at the components before we left for vacation. Have you played it at all?

Owner9 months ago

Haven't played (don't own it either)!

Long time ago, Trent and I did a podcast episode where we each shared our most anticipated games for that year. I chose #Cooper Island because I had been on the lookout for a tile placement game and I liked the idea of the game.

Premium User9 months ago

But you never played?! How dare you lol. That's a pretty neat idea though. I like watching videos like that - Rahdo puts one out every year too - just to give myself some idea of what looks good coming up. I don't pay attention to the industry enough to know that kind of stuff on my own.

Moderator Level 110 months ago

#Dinosaur Tea Party seems like a fun one. My wife actually told me about that one and was interested in buying it. Might end up getting it eventually.

Premium User10 months ago

That's awesome! Where'd she hear about it?

Moderator Level 110 months ago

I think one of the people that works at her favorite coffee shop lol

Premium User10 months ago

Haha that's great!

10 months ago

Ohh I like this idea!


#Marvel Champions: The Card Game - I mentioned I got this in another thread, and have only played once, but it was a blast! I cannot wait to dive into it more!

#Dune: Imperium - another absolute win. Even if I never play this in a group again, it would be worth it. I really enjoyed the solo play in this!

Removed/Thinking of Removing:

#PARKS - just has not gained traction with my wife or group! In the process of selling/trading.

#The Castles of Burgundy - I have made it known I love this game but similar to #PARKS it just does not get played outside of some specific situations that do not occur often!

#Barrage - This one is a bummer to me. I wish it got more plays and the solo mode was better but it just has not been as much of a hit as anticipated. I am going to try and get at least one more play in before making any decision though!

Games on my radar:

#Le Havre - this has long been on my wishlist, but have never pulled the trigger for some reason. It is now at the top of my list though as the solo mode is great and I know my group would get a kick out of it as they love some Uwe Rosenburg. 

All of the Marvel Champions content....not really but a good amount of it. The #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Galaxy's Most Wanted campaign is super appealing...

#John Company (Second Edition) - is also on my radar just because of my experience with Pax Pamir alone!


Owner10 months ago

That's awesome, how many players have you played Marvel Champions with so far? Has your wife joined any of the sessions yet? Dune: Imperium's getting so much love everywhere! :D

10 months ago

I have only played two games, both solo so far. Both with the pre-constructed decks from the box (Spiderman and Captain Marvel) and had a great time! Definitely played a couple things wrong but you always do with new games! I expect Melanie to enjoy this one though! Not the deck construction but the characters and everything about Marvel!

Dune Imperium has for sure been getting some love, it has probably been getting too much for what it is but it is still an enjoyable game!

Premium User10 months ago

Marvel Champions has got another one!  Excellent!  I just added a ton of stuff for it recently.

Dune Imperium is another excellent pickup and yeah the solo mode is great and plays very smooth.

For the castles of burgundy check out the new editions rules.  It has a solo mode that can work with any map apparently so it might be worth trying.  I haven't yet myself but I've added it to my list of games to try solo now.

10 months ago

Lol it is going to be a deep dark pit...What did you add recently?

I just saw that the other day! I will definitley look into how the solo mode for COB is being experienced. 

Premium User10 months ago

Check out my reply in this post.  Let's just say...too much... :)

Moderator Level 110 months ago

One day - you, me, (others), #Dune: Imperium. Lol

10 months ago

Count me in! 

Premium User10 months ago

I have to say I'm disappointed in your thinking about removing section!#The Castles of Burgundy is one of my top 3 games - just glad you sold it to.

#Barrage I can almost see just because it is such a beast to set up and teach. Since it's one of my pandemic acquisitions, I can't get rid of it until I've had a chance to play it with more people.

I think I'm the most okay with#PARKS. It's in my top 25 somewhere in the 20s I think. I've honestly had my fill of it personally but Sarah likes it too much so that decision has been vetoed lol

10 months ago

Oh I love CoB, it just was wasting space in my collection since I have mostly been playing it online and the main person I have played it with in person is moving soon!

Ya I am in that same position with Barrage, I can see it being a good game but it takes a lot to set up and teach and understand. We just have a lot of other games in my group that have been taking priority. 

Seems like we have a similar situation except Melanie literally never mentions Parks ever lol. She would probably not even notice it is gone if I sold it!

Premium User10 months ago

I'll be she asks to play it the next day lol. That would be my luck at least

10 months ago

I would not sell it without checking in with her on it! But I bet I would have that experience as well!

Premium User10 months ago

I just asked Sarah if she would play some of the games I'm selecting for the math trade lol. I feel like that's basically the same thing as asking to get rid of something so we're both equally awesome people haha

10 months ago

We are so so so responsible lolol

Premium User10 months ago

Great idea!  I wonder who came up with this one?

To comment on your post: #Civilization: A New Dawn is a great civ game but I highly recommend getting #Civilization: A New Dawn - Terra Incognita with it.  It makes the combat/military aspects much, much better and I like everything it adds to the game.

To facilitate this post I'd like to suggest that when we order a list by recently added that we should be able to see the date when it was added.  I am looking at my owned list but there is no actual date showing when games were added to it.

Now on to my list:

Er...I tend to do more retail therapy this time of year and I have a bit of extra money so...I went a little crazier than usual this year:


Obviously I love me some marvel champions.  I like deck construction in this game, I love Marvel, and I love having options.  However, I think after Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch I need to dig a line in the sand for new purchases for a while and absorb what I have!

My favourite game of the lot is Gaia Project followed closely by Dune Imperium.  For solo play Gaia Project also wins out slightly but Dune Imperium is a close second.  And in fact I'd say Dune Imperium is a smoother solo play but I like the crunchiness of Gaia Project more personally.

Removed/On the Block

All of the new stuff in and kickstarters coming up means the shelf has to get thinned.  A few games that I don't find grab me are on the outs.  I sold patchwork and railroad ink to someone in my gaming group and traded Trains for Res Arcana.  The other ones are posted up for sale.

Games on the Radar

I am thinking my next purchase might be one of the solo wargames from GMT.  I am not sure which one to get yet as I am relatively new to this field.  I have been looking at #Field of Fire, #Flying Colors, #Red Storm: Air War Over Central Germany, 1987, or in a different vein #Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars.

Premium User10 months ago

Finally someone that doesn't make me feel so bad for all the games I buy :P

Have you played Underwater Cities with the expansion yet? It would be on my short list of games to get an expansion for if it's worth it 

Premium User10 months ago

Yeah, that was a little much even for me.  Time to slow down and enjoy.

I haven't played Underwater Cities with the expansion but it's next on my list.  I'll try to remember to let you know what I thought after I play it.