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Catan Expansions - GameCows

Expand your island, fight off barbarian invasions, and crush your friends with the best Settlers of Catan expansions out there....

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Supporter9 months ago

Interesting viewpoint, I still really like vanilla #Catan, though I prefer it with expansions. For me I rank them :

  1. Cities and Knights.... This is almost a essential for me. It takes Catan from a 7 or so to a 9. I really love playing this with a full player count. 
  2. Traders and Barbarians / Merchants and Pirates. I have the least experience with these two, I like the scenarios of theirs that I've played, but, they didn't seem that super special. 
  3. Seafarers. I actually prefer vanilla Catan to seafarers. Seafarers can still be fun, but, in my eyes it seems to add length without increasing the interesting decision space sufficiently to justify the added length. 
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