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Mechanisms in game choice.


Today I listened to the latest podcast episdoe from Rhado. In that episode he and Jess from Heavy Cardboard go through their top ten heavy games. And, Jess made an interesting statement. She said, in effect, that she doesn't pay much attention to game designers or publishers. When she hears of a new game coming out, she is most interested seeing the game mechanisms. This made me wonder what I look at when I hear a game coming out.

Some designers work is so interesting, I think of Cole Werhle, for instance, that I immediatly perk up my ears when I hear he has a new design coming out.

There are also a few publishers that I pay attention too.

But, I think I am with Jess, when a new game comes out, I am more interested in the mechanisms than in the designer/publisher.

If I had to make up a number, I would say maybe the stated mechanisms make up between 50% and 60% of my choice to go, or not go for a game. The rest is divided between the publisher, designer, theme........ 

I am curious how much the stated mechanisms play into your game choices, and how much it is the other, admitedly important, factors.

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