Why I'm Obsessed with the Wild West


One of my favorite themes in Board Games is the Wild West.  I've always enjoyed Western Themed TV shows, movies, and books.  I'm not really 100% sure why.  I do know that it was heightened when I moved out to Colorado.

As an historian I also love Western history (when I get around to reading it).

This means that most games with a Wild West theme are automatically going to gain my attention.  There is something that I like about how it in my mind feels so "open".

Now I always judge a game based on more, but I will always take a peak at a game if it takes place in the American West.

What about you?  Do you like Western themed games?  Why or why not?  What theme are you obsessed with?

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Premium User12 months ago

I've really only played 2 of them: #Bang!: The Dice Game, and #Western Legends. Western Legends has been a big hit with my group, and I even recently kickstarted the final expansion, Blood Money. As you know, , that game is a sandbox style game and is really fun and thematic, while also managing to be strategic at the same time. It's super fun to immerse yourself in the "cowboy ethos" and imagine what your character might actually do. Highly recommend that one if anyone is interested in the Western theme!

Supporter12 months ago

I have #BANG! and I think it's a really fun quick party/filler game.  The first time I played I was surprised at how the secret identity aspect of the game really helps it shine.

Supporter12 months ago

I think #Western Legends was my first backed Kickstarter.  So much fun that fits the theme well.  I love how much direct and indirect player interaction exists.

Moderator Level 112 months ago

I have yet to play any but I'm intrigued by a few :

#western legends

#flick 'em up

#colt express

I'm obsessed with all sorts of historical time periods. But the American west is a time period I'm less obsessed with. 

I just thought of it... I didn't think that I had any American west themed games. I guess I do own Navajo Wars. That is the American west even if it isn't what we usually think of with that.... LOL


12 months ago

Western Legends and Colt Express are some of my favorites. And I'd love to play Flick 'em Up.

Supporter12 months ago

I think #Western Legends does a phenomal job of tying in the Wild West theme with the mechanics of the game.

Moderator Level 112 months ago

So I hear. And, I genuinely want to play it. But, I have been worried that it is too light to justify its length.

Supporter12 months ago

I mean it is pretty light, but the time goes quick because there is basically constant interaction.  The game also lends itself to a lot of non game talk around the table, kind of like being at a saloon in the Wild West.  I really like that aspect.

Moderator Level 112 months ago

That makes sense, but I still feel a little cautious about it.

Owner12 months ago

You know I completely forgot about #Coloma. It's illustrated by The Mico (behind Raiders, Architects, etc) and designed by Jonny Pac, who has several great games under his belt. I used to have it on my wishlist but I never got around to checking out gameplays.

Supporter12 months ago

Wow, I forgot about it too.  It was a game I almost backed.

Partner12 months ago

he also has #A Fistful of Meeples, which is old west as well, by jonny pac.  

12 months ago

Unfortunately i also have never played any western themed games but #Western Legends #Great Western Trail and #Flick Em Up! are all on my board game bucket list. 

GWT in particular speaks to the worker placement economy nerd in me. 

Supporter12 months ago

I keep seeing #Flick Em Up! mentioned and I've never heard of it before this post.  I think I'll have to look into it.

Owner12 months ago

Just a fun lighthearted dexterity game haha. I completely forgot about #Great Western Trail. Used to be on my wishlist for a long time until I finally took it off

Owner12 months ago

I'm indifferent toward Western themes, no leanings whatsoever! I think it's mainly because as someone who immigrated to the U.S. at age 9 with an already strong sense of ties to Korean culture, Western theme is completely new and I have no history with it at all. I also missed out on all sorts of American media that most kids are exposed to since early on in their age so those also aren't relatable or left a large imprint in my life.

This also means that Asian themed games don't appeal to me at all because most of those games are just shallow depictions, which I'm not against or anything, but it's not the same kind of draw as for people who are looking at them with little experience with Asian culture.

Edit: The only Western game so far that I'm interested in getting is #Colt Express :)

Themes that are likely to get my attention are alternate reality or dystopian settings. I love watching/reading things with that kind of world-building involved, and I also wish for something like that in board games.

Supporter12 months ago

Very interesting.  Thanks for sharing so much especially about the Asian theme because that's another one I really like... but it's is probably much more at that shallow pop culture level.  

A small part of my attraction to Asian themed games is that I worked at a school in California for four years with exchange students from China, South Korea, Tawain, and Vietnam.  I used to love enganging even a little with their culture.  I especially enjoyed when they would cook and I could engage with food culture with them.

EDIT: I also had a close friend/roomate in college who's parents are from North Korea and he introduced me to a lot of of Korean food which made me obsessed with Asian food and turned me on to spicy food (which I am now obsessed with.)

Owner12 months ago

Ohh that must have been quite memorable. I learned Japanese all throughout high school years and had a chance to engage with Japanese speaking students through webcam. Also had a time when the entire class went to San Francisco and visited this small place to simulate a tea ceremony (kneeling for 20 minutes or something... brutal!)

Always a big eye opener when you experience something like that :)

And as for "shallow" Asian themes, I still do enjoy even themes related to common tropes like dungeon adventuring that's often depicted in anime. Something like #Dungeon Drop but a little less cutesy haha

12 months ago

I'm not really into the theme but it wOuldn't hold me back if the mechanics looks promising. if theme and mechanics complement each other; it's magic and every theme is fun!

themese that -need- my immediate attention: post apocalyptic, star wars and world war II games that aren't "GMT style wargames"

12 months ago

I never really had much of a desire to play western-themed games. I even enjoy watching old westerns and reading westerns (I took a Western Fiction class in college where all we did was read that genre). But my apathy changed with #Colt Express. I played that right after it came out and it has been a favorite since. I also love #Western Legends, in large part due to its open-world nature. And now I am more than slightly interested in the theme; now, I will take a good look at a game with that theme. I think those have some great potential.

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