Glen More II: Highland Games - Solo Mode Expansion is Live!


This is the expansion that adds additional chronicles and an Automa solo mode to the highly rated #Glen More II: Chronicles. There was a high demand for a solo mode and it went through!

What are your thoughts on this game? I've looked into Glen More II a few times before and while I like its potential to be a great tile laying game for me and my wife, I also have #Keyflower on my shortlist and that one interests me more despite not having a solo mode.

Oh and its the same designer as the game I recently wrote up my first impressions on: #Lions of Lydia: A Strategic Game of Ancient Prestige. I really liked that game. Hmmmm..........

I noticed you had uploaded several pictures of Glen More II on the game page (whether manual or through importing your BGG data.) How do you feel about the game?

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11 months ago

Hi there, well GM2 is one ouf our favorite games. Not too complicated but for sure not easy to win. Amazing components and the possibility of including the chronicles gives the game a lot replayability. Even if it's a completely different game, with different mechanics, I'd say that the overall feeling during the game is similar to Endeavor: age of sails. Few rules but lots of things to keep track of. 

Supporter11 months ago

I think I would like it. But, I'm afraid that setup would take forever. 

Owner11 months ago

Just checked out Rahdo's video on the base game. I can see what you mean and while it doesn't seem too bad, I don't think it'll be my preferred option for solo anyway.

Owner11 months ago

That's surprising to hear from you since I figure you're used to soloing games with longer setup time! I haven't looked at this too closely yet so it didn't come across that way to me.

Supporter11 months ago

I do have games that have long setup time. And, I still tend to go for that style of games. But, I do not prefer it...... and another thing with #Glen More II: Chronicles is the mental overload of all the different mini expansions. Just that little bit of extra, "what do I play with this time?" is likely to keep it from the table.

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