LOODO NINJA – Which Board Gaming Projects to Back on Kickstarter in May

Hello friends old and new. Welcome to my humble dojo! Without wasting time: let’s look at my favourite projects running on Kickstarter right now.

🎲 Geeknson’s Megan Gaming Table

A board game table that’s modular, high quality and somehow manages to stay on the affordable side of gaming furniture spectrum? Color me shocked, but something like that is launching on Kickstarter right now. Sure, over past 2 years we’ve had some tables where creators had similar ideas in mind, but most if not all of them were expensive and had plenty of problems due to worldwide shipping by third party companies.

Geeknson’s “Megan” campaign seems to go in the opposite direction. Shipping is performed by the company itself and that allows for much more customization and great add-ons.

Megan tables come in a few varieties – most including so called “leaves” that cover the gameplay area and protect your little treasures from wine or sauce damage. Other extras like USB ports or Card Rail System are to be included as well.

>>> Campaign link

🎲 Canvas

Now that’s something you don’t see everyday. A card game where you create your own paintings and do so much more realistically than in most games tackling similar themes.

Canvas, designed by Jeff Chin and Andrew Nerger with amazing illustrations by Luan Huynh is a card game for 1 to 5 players. The cards are made of transparent material with some elements of scenery and characters printed on. By putting 3 of them together you create unique pictures. Each turn players buy cards for their inspiration tokens and combine bought pieces to score points according to each card’s iconography. Easily one of the best looking games of the year so far, and the gameplay seems up my valley as well. 

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10 months ago

I also think Mini Golf Designer is very good.