Slither to the Top of the Pit in Serpent Master

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A Competitive Twist on the Classic Game of Snake

I'm sure many people remember playing the 8-bit game Snake where the goal is to grow as long as possible by collecting pixels while simultaneously trying not to run into your growing body. Serpent Master takes this concept and adds a competitive factor to it by putting 2-4 players in the same small area and challenges them to remain on top of the others.

Serpent Master combines movement cards with serpent tokens to create competitive gameplay that forces players to strategically place their tokens in a way to establish territory and keep their growing body on the topmost layer. Players will have to decide which card to play when for the best move to either gain ground or counteract what their opponents may play. A simple concept with a great amount of depth and strategy.

Establish reptilian dominance with the Print and Play for only $7 or the full box for only $20. Check it out before the Kickstarter ends August 29th, 2019!

Go to the Kickstarter here!

About the Game

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See more about the game on the Kickstarter page! Check it out before it ends on August 29th, 2019!

Go to the Kickstarter here!

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Jeni00 3 months ago | 2 points[-]

Nice game.

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