Feedback Friday (2020-03-26)


This is a weekly thread where you can share feedback and questions for anything related to our community and our features. So feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments! (This article will introduce you to some of our features. Note that it's in desperate need of an update. And if you haven't yet, please fill out this survey that  put together)

As for my question for the week, I wanted to ask for feedback on the recent AMA:

  • How was it? - Let me know if you liked/disliked it, how often you'd be okay with seeing AMA's, what could be improved, etc
  • Who should I reach out for future AMA's?

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend! I haven't been able to get in a gaming session for a long time but with my parents taking a trip to my brother's place for 3+ months soon, I have a feeling that I'll be getting in more solo sessions and gaming time with my wife. I've been seeing the value of having more personal space that includes a table that's big enough to game on :D

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Premium User5 months ago

The AMA was awesome! I'd love to see those more often! Maybe once a month? I'm sure weekly would be even cooler, but I don't know how easy it would be to line up guests that frequently. On the other hand, it does seem like many people in the industry make themselves accessible, especially if they have something to promote, so maybe game designers/artists or people at publishers like Stephan. In terms of getting people engaged, I'm sure that being able to give away a game like IELLO did is a big help, so people promoting games could be pretty reliable possibilities.

Any number of people would be very fun to have for AMAs. His game #War Chest is on my mind, so designer David Thompson or his co-designer Trevor Benjamin would be someone I'd be interested in hearing from (they also designed the Undaunted series together). I'm sure any designer of popular/acclaimed games would be fun!

Content creators could be fun as well, though I could see those being more popular in video format as interviews or something, since that's often where people are most familiar with them. Still, could be fun as AMAs too. Perhaps J from would be willing! He's a video creator AND a game designer :)

Partner5 months ago

I'm game

Supporter5 months ago

I liked it, although I didn't end up contributing to it.  I'm positive I will in the future (busy week with a lot of stressful things)...

There is a plan to have AMA's with users too right?  I loved having the designer in but also would love to hear from different users.

Having said that, the fanboy side of me says, if Cole Werhle would it, oh man!  I know Jamey Stegmaier has done an interview before so I think that could be fun as well.

Premium User5 months ago

Agreeing with here! Didn't contribute to this AMA - just a crazy busy week, but am looking forward to the future AMA's with the users on the forum!

5 months ago

Same here, just got busy. I love the idea of it being live but I wonder if there could be space to submit questions in advance also?

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